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Kitty Gone Crazy O_O

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Seth-chan had been doing much better in the company of my husband. Here's my previous topic about her not trusting my husband: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=71264 .

Last weekend she did really well, and had limited to no biting or scratching. Our Feliway spray also came in the mail on Monday and we began spraying that in rooms once a day and on certain areas she likes to climb or attack (that are not proper to do so). The first morning with Feliway she went bonkers and was attacking walls and running amok. She even figured out how to flip on the lightswitch in the living room after I had turned it off to go back to sleep on the couch.

So my husband went back to work on Monday as well. She seemed to miss him a lot and waited at the door for him excitedly. He played with her every day and gave her treat time as well. He's been very tired after 14 hours of driving/work though, so we've been going to bed a little earlier.

The strange thing is that Seth's been extremely loving to me during the day. She even naps on bookcases and out in the open, which she would NEVER do before this week. She loves and kisses on me, when I'm sitting near her and doesn't attack me at all. So, yesterday, when my husband got home this completely changed. She was resting out beside him, but when he tried to pet her, she bit his hand. He gave her the stern "hey" and ignored her. A bit later yesterday evening, it was treat time. She took her two treats, after reluctantly being petted by him, and afterwards turned around and clawed and bit him. To say the least, he was upset.

The bad behaviour continued through the evening, with Seth-chan pouncing and attacking me about 4-5 times. Whenever I looked in her general direction or got near her she would give me the predatory stare and her hair would stand on end (which I interrupted with a the "HEY!"). She was also LITERALLY climbing the walls in the hallway (attacking "target points" like doorknobs, lightswitches, and handles) She didn't respond to clapping, my usual "HEY!", or being blown in the face. Before bedtime I had to resort to getting the aircan out and spraying it in her general direction (she hates it). This morning she was still a little mad at me, but she was back to loving on me and sitting next to me.

I don't really know what to do in this situation. I can pretty much tell it is PROBABLY as a result of my husband going back to work... What do you think is the best way to correct this behaviour?
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It sounds like she may be suffereing separation anxiety. Maybe put something that smells like your husband in her bed or wherever she sleeps a lot. Also, it sounds like the Felliway may have made matters worse??!!.
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I'm not so sure about the Feliway myself. Half the time it seems like it may be working... but then she goes on these rampages!

Oh that is a great idea about my husband's clothes! I'm going to go get something of his and put it where she sleeps!
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anyone else have any tips?
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