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Exploritory Surgery  

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Hello, our name is Tango and I am a three and a half year old long haired Tabby. I am not very affectionate, unless you'd like to feed me, (then I will be your best friend). I am a little skittish and my Mom makes me move a lot. I am pretty vain and like to be told how wonderful I am. I am the most handsome cat...my mom says so. I am not feeling very well these days. I am not hungry at all and I lost a lot of weight, when I do eat I get bad gas and diarrhea. I don't feel like grooming myself all I want to do is hide under the covers and sleep. I went to see the vet, she said I had a high temperature,104. They took my from my mom and made me get an x-ray. I didn't like that at all. It was kinda scary. Then my mom just left me there. I have a lump, and they don't know what it is. I had to drink this awful stuff...barium, but I made sure I shared it with the mean guy who gave it to me. Mom came to visit me, but she left again. They are getting ready to look inside me, and I am really scared. I know my mom is scared too, cause she really loves me. Anyone have any advise for us?
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That has got to be a scary situation. I dont have any experience with what they are doing. However, I know when I have had to leave my babies at the vet, I just keep them in my thoughts and remember that they are there to get better. Please keep us updated on what they find out!!
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I'm closing this thread because there's a new thread about Tango:

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