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Picture Of The Week

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If you all haven't checked out the cat picture of the week recently you should! I just checked and Margaret's Kittybear is absolutely beautiful!! Shannon took some pictures of Merlin with her digital camera for me friday, so maybe one of these weeks, soon, I can have ny little Merlin be the picture of the week!
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I'm still working on the Cat Pages feature. It's coming along very nicely... I'll let you have a preview soon (I hope!)

Get those pictures ready, Debby! Soon each of your cats will have a page of his/her own!
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I need to get a digital camera sometime....I hate to keep bothering Shannon to come take all my pictures for me. But I could take them with my regular camera then have them put on a disk, but of course that takes longer, and the quality isn't as good, I don't think.
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The kitty of the week is precious! I would love to submit a picture of my Yoda. Our babies are so precious to us and I, like anyone else, love to show him off!
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Well of course you can!!!!! We look forward to seeing Yoda!!
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Thank you Debbie! How do I upload Yoda's picture? I have it on disk, but cannot find a venue to get it to you.
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As it happens, I really hope to launch the Cat Pages within a week or so. The plan is to have a fully automatic application that let's you build a web page for your cat including up to 3 pictures.

I'm trying to make this a user-friendly application. With it, you'll be able to select a file from your computer and upload it directly to the site.

I'll let you know when it's online - I'll make a special festive launch!

Till then, the only way to send pictures is by email. But I think it's best if we wait a little bit for the application to run.

I intend to pick out the cat of the week from all the cat pages people will create and then link the picture to the link.

Diane - I promise I'll make Yoda our cat of the week as soon as you make his cat page!
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Thank you Anne! I will look forward to seeing everyone's children I'm sure all our babies are cute!
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