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Quirky Kitty habit??

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Probably a silly question but.... Every time Milo eats just before, he lifts the food (wet & dry) out of the dish with his mouth then eats it off the floor. I thought maybe the dish was too small for him and tried feeding him off of a paper plate, he did the same thing. Is this just one of those quirky things kitties do? Or could something be wrong?
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hehe yah it drives my fiance crazy. We feed raw so its not that fun to have raw chicken being dragged around the kitchen or taken off the plate and eaten off the floor. Such messy kitties! But to them its quite normal.
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Thanks..... I was hoping that it was just a silly habit.
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Mellie does that, too.

She's such a sweet and dainty little girl....but a sloppy, messy eater!!
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One of mine lifts the dry food out with his paw, then eats it off the floor. If he doesn't like his wet food, he buries it.
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Festus eats off the floor. If you give her a treat while she is sitting in a chair, she will pick it up and jump to the floor before eating it. The others don't do that.

My dog eats her kibble out of her bowl, but everything that can be carried, like pizza crust, she takes to the end of the hallway to eat. That is also where she sleeps alot.

Just being a critter, I guess.
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April Joy will take a piece of kibble, drop it on the floor, and bat it around. Then she will eat her "prey" and repeat the process until she is full.
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If I find any food on the floor it is because while the cats are chewing they open their mouths and the food falls out.
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My current lot are quite tidy eaters, but my RB Shasta was the messiest eater going -- didn't matter what dish you served her food in, she had to take it out onto the "floor" -- fortunately, she accepted the plastic feeding mat that I put under her dishes, and happily ate off that -- much easier to clean up than the floor.
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