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My cat saw his reflection.....and he didn't like it.

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Hi, this is my first post.
My problem is that after almost 12 years, my cat Shadow caught a glimpse of himself in a mirror I was putting up and flipped out. Hissing, growling and swatting at me. When he mellowed out he saw his reflection in the oven and the whole thing started over. I know he's seen himself before and nothing has ever come of it, I don't even think he was even interested in himself. Now all of a sudden it's flip out city, and it takes a while for him to calm down enough to socialize again. Now he is reluctant to walk around freely and looks at every little noise or looks around every corner.
What I am asking is there anything I can do short of getting rid of everything that makes a reflection? I don't like him being so stressed.

Thanks for any comments in this.
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Are you sure he's not just playing? Cats do like to pretend hunt and stalk things we can't see.
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I think he thinks it's another cat in the house, but I can't explain why he didn't notice the reflection before and now he does. Probalby the best thing to do is cover up anyplace he can see a reflection until he gets over it.
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Just spray the area around the mirror and the oven and the cabinets with Feliway spray. Your cat thinks there is another cat in the house and is on guard. The spray will help relax him.
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Thanks for your input. I know he isn't just playing, he becomes flat out vicious where you can't even get close to him. I've never heard any animal scream as loud as him either.
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My suggestion to you is get the spray as quickly as you can, and just leave your cat alone for a bit. Or you could get bit.
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My great-grandpa had a cat. After he passed away, my grandparents got the cat. He was in love with his reflection. He would sit in front of a mirror for hours on end. One day, he had a panic attack when he saw his reflection in a mirror. Three months later, he ran into a door. Two months later, he wasn't getting around well. My grandparents took him to the vet. He was blind. He couldn't hardly see anything. I sit possible that he does see as well as he used to?
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That's a possibility. And if there's any other signs it should be looked into. However, a cat won't recognize himself in a mirror in any case, and if he thinks the cat in the mirror is a strange cat in his territory, he'll react accordingly. But thanks for bringing up eyesight.
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