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Fergus Quinlan Henry

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I got married and moved to North Carolina in late summer, 2000. I was very lonely and disconcerted because my husband was in hte field a lot and I had not yet found a job. I searched for something to fill my heart, and found Fergus.

Most mornings I would wake up to the sound of a very insistent cat meowing into our window. He was on the balcony upstairs every morning, and by the afternon, he would jump down 25 feet for adventuring. The whole neighborhood left food and water for him, and when his people came home at night we could hear them calling for him. It seemed so sad that they would mistreat him so terribly.

He started to hang out on our balcony, and eventually entered the house on his own, but I did not feel right about taking him from the owners until he completely disappeared from the neighborhood. I had seen the animal control trucks out, and guessed where he was. When I found him at the pound, he was scared, but so grateful to have a person again. We got him neutered and physicked and brought him home.

He was beautiful -- an adolescent orange tabby with long legs and a tiny head. He had knowing eyes and would jump on the back of my chair to rub my hair.

We almost lost him to pneumonia once, but he came back to us. We brought him a brother, and they thrived together.

On January 27, 2002, my husband and I returned to our home from the stire to find him paralyzed, in pain, and crying. He dragged himself off to be alone, and we finally managed to get him into the carrier for transport to the vet. he was diagnosed with a blood clot that straddled his back legs. The vet compared his condition with that of a massive stroke or aneurism in a human. There was no treatment. His death was peaceful. We were there until the end. We are grateful for his short life.

Dmitri, his brother, has been mourning his loss, and is lonely. We are ready for a new addition now and will bring home a kitten soon, but we will never forget out first baby cat. Fergus -- you are with us always.

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Your Fergus sounds like he was a wonderful addition to your family. I know that he was grateful for your love and companionship. I am sorry for your loss and pray that you will find comfort in knowing what a difference you made in his life. I am very partial to orange male tabbies ~ he sounded wonderful!
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A woman who visits two of the other cat forums I visit recently lost one of hers to this same condition. I have owned and fostered cats for over 40 years, and have even worked for a vet, yet I had never before heard of this condition, and now it strikes twice in as many months.

Thinking of you, your husband, and little Dmitri. And bless you for wanting to take in another to share your love with. I'm sure Fergus considers it an honor.
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I believe death is not the end of life for our babies... I believe that when they die they travel to Rainbow Bridge when finally they are free of pain, hunger,sadness and that they watch over us, waiting for the day to see us again.

I am sure Fergus is there, playing with the others and watching over you in his own way...

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