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I had my cats vaccinated for FLV about a year ago. I was under the impression at the time that this was a 1 time thing. I got a card from the vet saying they need it again. I will be glad to do it again if necessary, but I found out that this vet is good for unnecessary treatments. I no longer live in that area, so I will not be using him again. Any info?
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The FELV vaccine should be boostered on a yearly basis.(Unless of course your cats do not go outside or are not exposed to other cats who go outside then there's not much need for the vaccine.)
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Dani's an indoor cat though recently I've let her sit on the ledge of my second floor deck. She gets to bask in the warm sun while I go to work (lucky her) :tounge2:

My question is, we have a new puppy who hasn't been wormed yet. Can Dani catch anything from the pup besides fleas/ticks?


mom to Dani Night Stalker
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Well, I'd go with worms as a possibility!

I'm posting my question here, it seems appropriate and related.

What are the vaccinations absolutely necessary for completely indoor cats with no contacts with other animals, or even people with other animals?
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To answer alicats's question the cat will need a rabies I think. I know in Massachusetts even if the animal dosen't go outside by law it has to have a rabies. Then of course if you keep it up to date the vaccine is good for 3 years. I'm not sure of the local laws else where but just check and see.

On Feline distemper vaccine if the cat dosen't go outside and has had a couple distemper vaccines in his life(cat should be about 2 years old) the vaccine can be good for 3 years. Although I vaccinate my kitties yearly because working in vet office I could always bring something home and I'd rather be on the safe side.
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The whole issue is pretty versitile. I also vaccinate with the 4 way distemper every year and the rabies is every 3 years per CT law. The reason I vaccinate for distemper every year is due to 2 things. I have a large multi cat household and I also work in a vets office which puts them at higher risk. If I had under 4 cats, I would give them an annual vaccine until they are about 2 or 3 and then go to an every 3 year schedule. Reason indoor only cats should have the vaccine is that most of the infections the distemper protects against, the cats could catch just from contact through a screen with another cat, it's also possible to bring it home on your clothing or person if you come into contact with another cat who has an infection.
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