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sick kitty help please fast

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hi one of the ferals iv had for over a week was sick today food came up now its a kind of water and god i thought it looked streaked with blood , they are due at the vets in the morning first thing , im home alone with no car tonite and im realy scared i tried to get close but hes still backing away so i tried playing with him hes still got a good bit of energy but im really scared do i leave him to rest till morn , his sister is fine im praying its just something hes ate hes lying next to the radiator just now so hes warm and iv dimmed the light to try and relax him , after ten tonite i will have to starve both so will i just take all food awy just now its 8 oclock at night in scotland and they are due to see the vet at 9.15 in the morn im starting to shake im so scared for him can anyone give me advice asap i cant get to a vet near here without a car god and what if it was a little blood i saw any advice greatfull thanks cheryl xxx.
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I know that you are scared, but please calm down. If he is an inside/outside kitty it is likely he ate something that disagreed with him, and the result is the vomiting. If he ate for example a field mouse that would explain the blood. I would offer him water, or make some homemade pedialyte to replace the electolytes he is losing, and just keep him quiet. But you need to be calm and quiet as well for he will pick up your stress easily and it will make him all the harder to handle at the vet. www.kitten-rescue.com will give you directions on how to make a homemade pedialyte
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HI again hes one of 2 ferals i got last week hes been kept in since we got them it looks like a solid food mass he brought up iv seen my own cat do this sometimes, but after that it was like a liquid sick im sure it had some blood in it , will i starve them from now till they both go to the vets in the morning , have you heard of this before hissy and if so do you think hes got somthing dangerous that could really harm him
one last question will i keep him warm or cool my instincs are saying warm and to leave him beside the radiator hes around 6 months old and up till today was running around thanks for help again cheryl xxx.
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sorry to annoy every one again but iv checked him there and hes quite peacefull again lying and trying to roll over on his back to play , god i hope it was just a wee upset tummy everyone who reads this please keep fingers crossed for him , thanks again cheryl xx.
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Glad he's feeling better. Since you have the vet appointment in the morning, and there's absolutely nothing you can do right now anyway, it's probably best to let everybody get some sleep and let the vet do his/her job in the morning. Hope he stays OK.
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I know it can be so scary when our kids are sick, whether they are people or fur kids.
If he`s rolling over for you to pet his tummy then that sounds fairly contented to me and a good sign.
Hopefully there will be no more vomiting and the worse is over.
Let us know what the vet has to say tomorrow...and try to get some sleep tonight.
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HI ALL well its 7 oclock the next night after my drama with wee alfie i took them both to the vets this morn wehn i got up the wee monkeys where running round mad wanting food but as they where to get fixed today i couldnt, so when i eventually caught them the vet says he looks fine and maybe he just ate somthing he shouldnt have god what a releif i nearly cried, the operations went well and iv to collect them both in the morning they also got micro chiped when they where under so im a happy mum tonite the vets ears must have been burning with all my questions but he was fine and i feel soo happy tonite , the funny thing my older cat snowi has been looking for them tonite shes probly happy thinking they have gone for good thanks to all who took time out to write thanks sooo much cheryl xxxxxxx
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I am sorry that you were so scared. I know exactly how you feel when you don't know what is going on and are desperite.When I read your message it scared me, because I could feel your fear. I am so glad everything worked out fine. Now you can breathe easy.
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I am glad it is ok. ***hugs***
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I'm glad they are fine. And now they have been neutered! Yay for you for getting them neutered. You have greatly improved their lives, and prevented unwanted kittens!
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hi too every one
well alfie and maggie are recovering from there operations and are eating well they still wont let me near maggie shys away but alfie turns on his back and rolls around the floor wanting a tummy rub but still wont let me near him to do this hes nearly there a couple of weeks more i think , thats only 2 weeks now and they have come along way , still my older cat snowi is growling at alfie but seams to sence wee maggie is ill and recovering she just looks at her
today i let them roam abit further up stairs and have lost maggie in one of the rooms she will apear when hungry ill keep letting them do this i think for the next couple of days so thanks to all yet again cheryl snowis mum xxx.
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