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Cat Food Christmas Arrived!

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Due to some reading of this forum and one other, I placed an order with www.onlynaturalpet.com and our kitty's new canned food arrived today.

I chose three different brands to see if Ginger will eat them. I chose based on the more-natural, less filler contents:

Newman's Own Chicken & Rice
" " Turkey
" " " & Vegetable

Natural Balance Turkey & Giblets
" " Indoor Cat Formula
" " Ocean Fish

Merrick Cat Cowboy Cookout
" " Grammy's Pot Pie
" " Turducken

I hadn't read anything on "Newman's Own" but thought I'd try some. I'm really excited about the Merrick's as I've read several comments on them and a few on NB too.

How'd I do for the first try at getting a better grade/class of canned food? Any recommendations(or "no-no's") for my next order ?

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Mine love the Cowboy cookout but only get it as a treat
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lol! Pass me the Turducken, and I'll show you a dancing cat. Paige does lemur dances when she knows there's wet for her!
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grammy s
the indoor
cookout here
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You done good! My babies love the Merricks. They don't like Newman's and will just barely tolerate Natural Balance.

That's the only wet food they get now - 2 cans per day - 1 in the morning and 1 at night. I alternate between Thanksgiving Dinner, Granny's Pot Pie and the Cowboy Cookout.
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Granny's Pot Pie is a huge hit at my house.

Gracie LOVES Wellness Turkey and Salmon and Leo cannot live without his Evanger's Pheasant. Those flavors/brands are generally accepted by picky cats (and, obviously non-picky ones, too), so you could give those a try!
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I love Onlynaturalpet.com. I get treats from there!
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Thanks for the replies y'all.

I gave Ginger her regular Fancy Feast Sliced Beef with about 1/4 of a can of Merrick's Granny's Pot Pie............................ and she ate the Pot Pie first . She folowed up with the Beef from FF.

She's funny in that she won't eat any 'wet' food until we pour a little 'border' of Royal Canin's Special 33 kibbles around the wet food. We figure she wants her 'bread' with her meat
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