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Need a Wedding Advice

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I am currently doing research on the reception locations for my wedding. Here's the thing it's going to be an out of state wedding. THe church is in NJ we live in PA and many guests are coming from NY. We decided to have a 2 day wedding. Ceremony and reception on saturday, staying overnight and then lunch on sunday. The only thing I could come up with is Bed & Breakfast. Rent out the B&B completely for two days. Some B&B are not thrilled about the idea. Any other ideas beside B&B. Has anyone ever had an overnight wedding?
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I'm planning a wedding right now, too, so I feel your pain .
Mine won't be an overnight thing, but have you thought about booking some rooms at a larger hotel, like a Hyatt or something? If you have your reception at the hotel, they'd more than likely give you a discount on room rentals.

Also, check out this thread: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...t=mulberry+inn and share your wedding plans with us .
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Our wedding was kind of a whole weekend thing. We got married on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Even though we had it in the area where we live, we had a TON of out-of-town guests. Most of my family and almost all of his family were from out-of-town.

Saturday was our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Our rehearsal dinner was a very casual barbecue at my parents' house and we invited all of the out-of-town guests along with the wedding party.

Sunday was the ceremony and reception. The ceremony was in a park, and the reception was at a banquet hall.

Monday was a post-wedding brunch at my parents' house for all the out-of-towners. Most stopped by before they took off for home.

We did book a block of rooms at a hotel for our out-of-town guests. Fortunately, my mother's in the hotel business so we were able to get a truly fantastic deal at the hotel where she works.

If you're getting reluctance from B&Bs, maybe try a larger hotel. They're probably more equipped to handle a larger group and you'll be able to negotiate a better rate. Or did you intentionally want to hold it someplace small?

I do meeting and event planning as a big part of my job. Where in New Jersey are you going? I can check into venues in some of the resources I have here.
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Tari: The church is in Jackson, NJ if you could help that would be great

We are hoping to have it somewhere small. We will only have maximum of 29 guests, if everyone brings a date. The idea of a hotel does not speak to me. I want a cozy place. If we had a huge house that's where I would have my wedding. I was thinking of renting a mansion of some sort for a weekend, but can't find anything.
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