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So, I guess I didn't latch the door securely after I brough my laundry up from the basement, because Leo got out. It's not a HUGE deal since neither door leads to the great outdoors (the front leads down to the foyer and the back one leads to a basement and the door that accesses the alley where my dumpster and ferals live). While he was down in the basement, he stalked, caught and killed a present for his mommy, which he promptly brought up to our rear landing.

Here's my question, as he's being sequestered in the bathroom right now, awaiting a bath. Do I need to take him to the vet because he caught this mouse? I know that rodents are probably full of diseases and could potentially have been exposed to poison (although, they don't gas our basement or anything, I'm just worried the mouse came in from the alley where they poison the rats once a year). I don't want Leo to get anything, nor do I want him to pass it to Gracie. He didn't eat it, he just sort of mutilated it and then left it on the "porch".

Thanks for the advice!

PS: If you're wondering, the 'V' stands for Vince Lombardi, a name bequeathed to him by my dad, who is no fair weather Packer fan.