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LOL! This is so funny!

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My MIL brought a DVD copy of `The Upside Of Anger' back from Vietnam with her after a recent holiday.

I'm pretty sure it came originally from Japan though, because here is the translated English synopsis from the back cover. Bear with it - it's priceless!!

[all typos are as printed originally!]

The story relates a woman for drinking to excess drive after husband abandon, has been living the painful day, she still want only the dint keeps big four not summit to the woman who controlSon, really it may be said misery. Period empress, the leading lady meets top a baseball star by chance, making her invigorating afresh, this baseball star even thecomes theThe most special member in in home. Movie star Kevin section with the movie that star although is a big creation about and all, in movie, cut up rough on, he may play onlyA supporting roles, but this movies more must not say is what big creation, just an independent movie. Even if like this, Kevin the section means the anger of with theon too is he one of the favourite movies, because in drama he can play a baseball hand. In addition, although cuts up rough on the is a the United States movie, the most part is all in London to take the view of, the section means with the that he do not liethe idea body overseas takes, because some roles just need to be take in the other parts of country meaningfully.


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And I thought the Yanks and Aussies did a proper job mucking up The Queen's English!
Gotta hand it to the Japanese, They do try for all they're worth. I'm afraid someone needs a few more classes, though.
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I thought that I'd seen The Upside of Anger.....after that description, maybe I should watch it again and make sure it was the same movie! LOL!!!
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Gotta love those translations gone wrong.
Sure the movie wasn't "Lost in Translation" instead?
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I just wonder how well we would fare in their country learning their language? My neice has been over there for three years on the JET program and although fluent in Japanese now, at first she really struggled to learn their ways and their language.
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It is widely considered that English is the hardest language to learn. And (after learning it for 11 years and teaching it for three of those) Japanese one of the easiest. It just struck me as a funny example of looking up in dictionaries to translate, NOT as a criticism of the Japanese people in general. And a light-hearted laugh.

I did a double major in Linguistics and Japanese (with minors in French and Russian) at university for my first degree - I always find funny quirks in language and translation amusing, it doesn't mean I'm criticising.
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Makes me wonder if they might have taken an English synopsis, put it through Babelfish for the Japanese (or whatever) production, and then at a later point taken that Babelfish Japanese and run it through Babelfish back to English. Try it sometime. Take an English passage, do a Babelfish translation to some other language, and then take the result and translate it back to English. It's really amazing/amusing how mangled it can get!
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Yes, we're not making fun of them, just having a good-humored chuckle. It's not really their fault, I can see how English must be a tough language to learn. I wouldn't be surprised if Japanese people on some Japanese message board laughed at something I tried to translate to Japanese!!
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I cant even speak one language straight..
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Lol...so many times I have messed up translations, it's pretty funny some of the things that I've mangled!!

Also, I would assume that the makers of a pirated DVD that is being sold around the world don't really have too much interest in how their synopses read...lol!!

And when you use the `subtitles' function on the DVD player, and put it on English, it was soooo strange what the translations were! One of the daughters was talking about her mother, and one line of the subtitles read, `and she complained to half the scientific community'. Huh??
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A friend of mine spent some time in Japan, teaching English. She said that the Japanese love English, and often put words together that make no sense on t-shirts, etc.
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