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OMG!!! My 2006 is starting in Thailand!!! Rune just booked tickets this morning and told me that we're flying to Thailand on the 31st and coming home on the 23rd January!! WOW!! I'm SOOOOOO excited!!!
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Let me be the first to congratulate you!
Have a wonderful trip!
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Wow.. what a way to start the new year! Have a great time!
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May I carry your luggage for you?
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Awsome anyway i can hide in your Have a wonderful time!
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Sounds like fun!...was this one of your Christmas presents?
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wow that sounds amazing we all expect lots of details and photos ehn you come back, have a great time!!!!!
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How exciting!!! Have a great time!!! (and take lots of pictures!!)
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Wow! Is it for work or something? That's a long vacation! Have fun & be safe!
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Thankyou people!! I'm just soooo excited - I think it's mostly down to the fact that Rune really needs a break from work at the moment. He's one of those people who needs to see the sunshine at some point over the winter too - but his work situation isn't helping much either. Apparenlty there is far too much in the way of "office politics" at the moment (who is talking to who, who did what at the weekend, who's spreading what rumour about who) so he's totally fed up. He was planning to go away in January anyway, but this seemed like too much of a good opportunity to pass up - it's relatively cheap to get to Thailand from Denmark - we're also going via Moscow and we have a 10 hour wait there in between flights, so we're planning to trundle into the city and take some piccies there as well

I don't know what this has to do with Christmas.... but it sounds mostly like Rune really just needs some chillout time in the sunshine. The fact that he's taking me is just a bonus! I can't wait!! Oh, and of course I will be sharing pictures and stories when we get back!!
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Oh Allllll right! That sounds sooo good! Next winter, come on down to NZ!
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Wow, that's quite the way to start off the New Year. Have fun!
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Wow, this is fantastic! You're going to have such a wonderful time!
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Cool! Sound very fun. Have a great time, and since you decided to tell us, we ARE expecting pictures when you get back!!
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