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Need good vet in Newnan, GA / Cat with dog bite wounds

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My husband and I just moved to Newnan back in September and we have a barn cat in our garage right now with a nasty dog bite wound on his paw. We took him to the local vet that the cat's owner wanted us to use and in my opinion they didn't do anything to him. I would have expected the abscess to be opened, drained, and flushed out, then packed with antibiotic/antiinflamitory ointment and bandaged. Two weeks ago we went through the same thing with this cat's brother but we took him to a different vet who did what I mentioned above but it was over $300. The owner of the cat did pay me back but she didn;t want me to take this current cat there because she said they were too expensive. The vet I took him to yesterday charged $26.00 to basically say "yep, it's infected". I am giving the kitty the leftover meds from when I had his brother since I told the vet yesterday that I had them they said go ahead and give the Clindomycin (sp) .25mL 2X a day and 1 cc Torbogesic 2X a day. Tomorrow morning I will use the last of the Torb. Tonight when I gave him his medicine his paw was bleeding everywhere with pus in it. I cleaned it as best I could with warm water with a little hydrogen peroxide mixed in and I put some neosporin on it. I feel so bad for this cat but I am in a tough spot because the owner doesn't want to spend the money to take him to a better vet. I mean if I have to I will pay for it myself, but I was wondering if anyone south of Atlanta had a GOOD cat vet that they trusted. The vet I took this cat's brother to was OK in my opinion but was also an emergency clinic that is pretty far from us. I am looking for a vet that really knows their stuff... HELP if you can please!
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Sarah: I'm South of you down here in Warner Robins. There are several good DVMs here and in Macon but that's too far for y'all to drive. Wish I could help.....................................

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I'm confused. How come it's up to you to look after this other person's cat? Doesn't sound like she should be keeping the cat if she can't/won't look after it properly.
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What is the dosage on the Torb? 1cc seems like an awful lot!!!! Is it 10 mg per cc or 2mg per cc????
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I agree that debriding the wound would be better. If you can't go to the "more expensive" vet then continue with the antibiotics and try soaking the foot in warm water three times a day. Pick any scabs that form at every soaking to let the wound drain. You can add some epsom salts or antibacterial soap (chlorhexidene- available at the pharmacy) to the water, but I would not use peroxide.
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If Atlanta itself isn't too far (I bet it is, but... ), I can give you the information for my vet here. PM if you want the info!
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