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Plant-eating kitty

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Diggi, my fuzzy grey tiger cat, is an intense plant lover. I attemped to outsmart him & sprayed the leaves with tobasco sauce, but to no avail. His brother, Gizmo, learned his lesson & stayed away, but Diggi went right on munching. I also tried adding repellant cat pellets to the soil, but they didn't even slow him down. Obviously, i take care to have safe plants, but the few remaining plants i have left are sorry-looking and, as they are out of his reach, they are also lacking in adequate sunlight. I bought some cat grass to satisfy his craving, but that only increased his salad selection. My question is twofold: are there any safe plants that are naturally distasteful to cats or are there better products that will deter him from my plants (or should i simply give up & buy faux plants?!). Thanks!

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Of course there are the safe plants, but when you have a cat who's that intent on making them a snack, it's very hard to stop them. It sounds as if you have tried all the usual methods to keep them away. If nothing works, I would just get the faux plants. I had to do the same thing and I actually found it to be just as pretty and easier for me. The only other thing I can think of that you can try is some citrus spray. Most cats do not like the smell and will stay away.
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Unfortunatly I too cannot have real plants in the house without them being eaten. Even fake plants are hard to keep because the leaves get munched on. You could always try bitter apple spray for plants and hopefully the taste of it will deter him.
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Heheh We tried bitter apple to keep our kitties away from things.... Alas most of them decided that they just loved the taste. Anything that was sprayed with it would be licked until it was gone.
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Well if deterent creams and spray won't work then you could always try just keeping the plants out of reach to the kittie's reach.

I've also heard of putting moth balls in the plant's soil to keep them away. Not sure if it works but I guess it's worth a shot.

LOL this post reminds me of my other cat Benny who lives with my dad. My dad has big potted trees around the house and during the winter when it's too cold for Benny to go outside he'll go in my dad's plants.
Needless to say he got very angry and put up chicken wire in the pots to keep Benny out.
Just thought I'd share that with you.
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PLEASE use caution with mothballs. The fumes from mothballs can permanently damage a cats kidneys. You can use orange peels as long as you change them out so the scent is fresh.
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As far as keeping plants out of reach..I thought I was doing that by hanging mine from the ceiling in the living room in front of the window. I came home one day to find Gypsy hanging from the tassles of the plant hanger munching away on the leaves of the plant I also put a similar plant on the top of my Entertainment Unit and woke up to find it gnawed off to the soil and the pot tipped over. Kitties can be very persistent little creatures...Good Luck :rainbow:
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Good thing you posted that about the moth balls Sandie. I didn't know that and I'll have to relay that to whom I've heard that from(hopefully they didn't use that with their kitty).

**scratches her chin** This is indeed a difficult problem to solve but I figure as long as the plants are not toxic to the cat then you might just have to cope with them helping themselves to them. They seem to find their way around every other solution. Sneaky little critters aren't they?
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Well, I feel bad now...we used mothballs to deter our cats. It solved the problem though. I hope they're okay!!!
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