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Geez Ive missed yall...

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We are home now, im picking up Beavis (FIL's 18 yr old declawed cat) tomorrow so wish me well on that front. I didnt update as i havent been online in several days. My FIL died last wednesday afternoon just after i got back to town with my SIL-- she was the one he was waiting on. We had a viewing Friday afternoon and Saturday morning packed up and headed 12 hours to Seminole, OK. The funeral was yesterday. They dont have internet access in the hotels there so im on serious withdrawals. Im glad we are back home --havent been home more than an hour and you see where i am Its been a he!!ish weekend with all their family. All the bickering and crap over the estate. They didnt even know that since FIL didnt have a will that it will all have to go to Probate and that can take awhile. Hubby and SIL from Texas are the ones that FIL wanted to handle his final business so they are going nuts. My hubby moreso than SIL in TX. I told hubby NO MORE KIDS because i dont want to have to have them deal with splitting everything up like that if we happen to die without a will. With our current two it will be 50/50 even hopefully. We are seeing a lawyer tomorrow morning about writing wills for both of us even as a young couple, we definatly see the definate need for them.

Meanwhile, Hubby and I have decided we are moving to Alvin Texas very very soon. Alvin TX is a outlying suburb of Houston TX for those who arent familiar with Texas. This is a MAJOR move for us. about a 10 hour drive one way with 2 toddlers, 3 dogs (2 german shepherds and one chinese Crested) and 2 cats) There isnt anything for us here in Mississippi anymore and we have been talking about moving there for several years, we just couldnt leave his father here at home. Hubby is putting in his notice thursday, and im starting my transfer papers for my job-- All they have right now is a part time but it something-- better than nothing. I will probably freelance merchandise to bring in more money for our family while hubby is looking. He has a job offer in Houston but the job doesnt start until Feb 2006 which should give us enough time to get somewhat settled.

Just wanted to say hi to everyone. Ive got a lot of catching up to do reading wise and i have a ton of estate stuff to do tomorrow so ill be on and off all day tomorrow. Ohh my secret santa gift was waiting on me tonite when i got home. I dont know if im gonna be able to wait. So if my Secret Santa sees this maybe you can get one of "santa's helpers" to pm me and let me know if i can open it "early" lol Peanut Butter has been laying on the box since i brought it inside. So it must be something mighty good in there.

yall stay warm and havea great tomorrow!
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I'm so sorry about your FIL . What an amazing bunch of changes you are going to go through. Yes.... open your SS stuff .
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Good luck with the cat, too. He's going to be really stressed, but I'm glad you are taking him in
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sorry for the loss and good luck with the cat.....also i live by Alvin Texas so if you need help with anything at all let me know..when do you plan on moving here...and hopefully eveything thing else as far as the estate thing goes better
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I'm so sorry to hear about your FIL. I hope he is at peace now.

It's a good thing you are getting your wills done. DH and I had ours done 2-3 weeks after we got married.
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I'm sorry for your loss. Good luck with all the changes you have coming up.
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well it sounds like you have been going through a lot of stressful stuff lately...and it`s not over yet....but at least you know where to come (TCS) when things get too hairy...and also being excited about opening your SS gift is a good sign that you are not too depressed by it all....let us know what you get! (I`d have opened it the second it came!)
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I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. I wish you and your family the best of luck with the move and everything in the future.
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