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Finally A Nap

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Actually, Guzzler just wanted to show off his cute self and asleep is the only time he is still anymore.
He got his 2nd shots and rabies shot yesterday. He and the family jewels are parting ways as soon as they drop. Vet wants to see him in 2 weeks as they look like they may be getting ready to come down.
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Oh my what a sweet baby boy!!! I love him!!!
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I love Guzzler!!! He is just the cutest baby!!! (Well, apart from Portia of course )

More piccies please!!!!!!!
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No, at the moment I have nothing better to do than watch him sleep.
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Now you can see his eyes.
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I just adore his coat and markings.

sooo cute!
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Oh my goodness! He is breathtaking! I absolutey love his pattern. This little boy deserves his own thread with tons of pics!
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He is just too cute!!!

I love him to bits!!!
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he is so cute
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He is so sweet I just wanna pick him up and cuddle him while he sleeps!
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Oh my gosh!!!! I love it! What a little cutie! He's absolutly adorable!
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oh my! what beautiful markings he has!!!! hes stunning. they are always so innocent looking when they are asleep aren't they lol
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I love him I love him I love him!!

Look at that tired wittle face....
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Good grief he's so sweet!
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