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Kuri's picture (finally!)

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Hi.. I just wanted to share a photo of Kuri, our baby boy (ok, he's now 8 months, but he still needs a lot of attention and he sucks his thumb - I mean tail, ha ha). I love how his eyes look so expressive here.

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He is beautiful!!! I love orange babies!!!
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What great eyes! Looks like quite the charmer...
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Awwww what a little beauty
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Oh , oh, oh!!! Heis eyes are saying "PA-LEEEEZE PICK ME UP!"
He`s such a sweetie....and looks like he`d never be naughty! (Well, at least not on purr-pose!)
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Awwww, he's gorgeous!! His eyes are really beautiful!
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He is SOOO cute!
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Ooooooh I just wanna EAT HIM UP!!!
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He looks so sweet!
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Kuri's coat color is just beautiful. He is a very handsome boy.
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What a gorgeous boy!
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Aww I love Ginger Kitties. Cute piccies
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Thanks everyone! I will tell Mr. Kuri that he has many admirers! He was really, really orange when we first got him and his coat seems to be "calming down" now - it's still orange but more tawny orange-brown, not quite as bright and shocking orange as when he was a kitten!
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He is just the sweetest little orange thing!
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He has that look about him that just makes me want to give him a big kiss! Hes adorable...
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That is such a sweet expression!!! He has a really rich color, too. Very handsome!
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What a handsome boy! It looks like he's got some glittery face powder on! Very pretty.
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