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kitten geting darker

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my 5 month old kitten is geting more fur and get dark orange could is it becuz its winter becuz a couple of monthes ago u couldnt hardly see her orange.
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Izzie has changed her colors over the past year. Sometimes her orange stands out more than her gray. I know it does depend on lighting in the room too.

Do you have any pictures of your kitten?
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Is she a tortoiseshell (orange & black)? They often get darker as they age.

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My 8 month old boy is part maine coon and he changed to a darker color in the last few months - at first I thought I was imagining it but then people here assured me that is just part of growing up. Just wait you will turn around one day and be amazed that our kitten is all grown up.
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I swear my two kittens are getting lighter! They were in rough shape when I rescued them- living outside, had worms and fleas at 13 weeks. Now, at about 5 months, they are doing well, aside from a few minor concerns. Cookie, the orange tiger is getting very big and seems to getting lighter all over. Suzie, the gray tiger with some orange is getting lighter around her tummy and legs. She's growing, but it seems to be at a slower rate.
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Their colors can change depending on the season, the amount of shedding, the amount of sunlight. Dark colors like black can get "rusty" in a lot of sunlight. Red (orange) is a color that seems to change a lot - especially in a tortie - you can get more red over time as its slow to develop.

I had a rex kitten I thought was black at birth. But I noticed one red spot on her back. By the time she was a month old she developed more red in her coat and became a lovely tortie in a few months.

I've also had my black smoke rex become a chocolate smoke in the summer and she did NOT sit in the sun to bleach out. Her father was a chocolate and the fur literly turned from black to chocolate on the tips in the summer. The other black smokes I had stayed black smokes.
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