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Meowman's pics

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Okay - here are the picture you asked me to post. Now it's your turn to do the explaining
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Anne, Love those crazy pics! Do we ever really know what our cats see before they spring forth ? ? Your tuxedo marked cat looks a lot like Mr. Beaujangles (except no mustache). Yours is a boy, right? I wish I had the ability to send pictures, but so far all I can do is access the net via webtv, but I can get most pictures that are posted jpg or hot mail (what a name. . . . ) My niece and her fiance have boo coo computer stuff, so maybe I can get them to send over some pics or maybe hook me up with a scanner and printer so I can go thru the archives and send old snaps of my "kids". Talk to you all later, I will look into starting that continuous thread thing wih my saga of the trip home to MO. in the great snowstorm of '76. "D" aka Threeleggedkat.
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Catnip coated wallpaper! What an idea! LOL
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These are Meowman's babies - not mine

They are sweet, aren't they...

So, you think it was a catnip coated wallpaper - I can't wait for Chuck to tell us more about the pics.
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Dear Chuck,

What in the world was he looking at! You're babies are so cute! So healthy looking too! You're a good daddy!
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Dear Chuck,
Lucy, you got some 'splaing to do...lol
What in the world was he looking at! You're babies are so cute & healthy looking! You're a good daddy!
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Well, the tux, Socrates was sitting on my night table watching the light shafts thru the blinds. He stares at them and because of clouds and trees the light appears to move. Thus: SUPER SOCRATES, ATTACKS EVIL LIGHT IN A SINGLE BOUND.

I can be in the next room and I'll hear Sshhhhhhhhhh-BOOM! And this is what hes doing. I swear, one day hes going to break a leg, because he touches the cieling on these jumps. The first time he did it was early in the morn and I had just woken up and opened my eyes to see this image. I laughed so hard I almpost peed myself, because it really is much funnier to watch in person.

And the second picture is my favorite fat ass....I mean baby. lol. He sleeps like this all the time and when he wants love, Tiger will just THUNK, fall over and roll onto his back for some tummy rub.

I'm glad you liked the pics.
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That is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I have a bed very similar to that and I havnt had one jump that high. I couldnt imagine being asleep and having him come back down on me!!
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Meow Man; Your boys are superb, healthy and handsome. Thanks for the pictures of the high jump antics. It always amazes me how a cat can just spring up so high at the drop of a hat. What incredible leg muscles they must have. Perhaps you can tell me or Debby can jump in here and answer me; if I have my niece send an e-mail to the cat site with jpg pictures of my current boys and girls can they be printed off and put on the site like yours were so everyone can see who I am talking about as I refer to Muddy Rivers, Smokey Josephina, Squeaker, Handsome, Bookey, MoMo, Cindy/Cindy, and Morning Glory ? Threeleggedkat
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beautiful cats! we once had a cat who climbed the wall like that
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Oh MeowMan, I really got a kick out of those pictures!!!! I just love your cats!!
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Thank you all for the compliments on my spoiled rotten babies! Yep! Their very "healthy". In fact, if they get much healthier I'm going to have to put them on a diet. LOL.
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