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I just told my Mom about my Relationship!

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I have been going out with my boyfriend for almost two years without telling my parents. I know they suspected that we were seeing each other but they never brought it up. The thing is that I am Arabic and he is English and I did not know whether they would approve or not. I assumed because of this don't ask don't tell policy on my relationship that they were hoping it would die out.

Well today at lunch my mother just out right asked me if we were going out and I said yes. She asked if it was serious and again I said yes. She then asked me if he would convert (my parents are Muslim) and I said he would. She seemed thrilled! She just came back from the States and had gone to see her father's grave for the first time, he died of a heart attack suddenly ten years ago, and she said that it made her realize that life was too short. That the fact that my boyfriend was willing to convert was the ultimate sacrifice which to her proved that he loved me.

So it looks like by this summer (when he graduates college) we will be engaged!
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Thats fantastic news and what a relief for you! Its going to be fantastic to be able to be open about things with your family now. Really pleased for you, good luck!
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That's awesome that your mom is so supportive! I know it can be hard for any other relationship to get your parents to accept it so I applaude you for finally telling her the truth and for her accepting it! I know it had to be difficult.

Congrats again! And hopefully I will be following in your footsteps as well this summer
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Than you so much I just can't stop smiling! Its such a relief that she and my Dad know!
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Thats a big secret to keep for 2 years! Congratulations!!
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So glad to hear that things are working out well for you and your boyfriend!
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That's wonderful

You know wht my husband said after he had asked my father... he said to me (I was expecting to have to convert) I said, what? to which religion!?

Shows that he does really love you and I'm happy your parents understand!
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Thanks everyone!

Turtlecat are you an Arab American?
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That is so wonderful for you!!, must be such a weight off of your shoulders. I wish you all the happiness for the future!
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Thank you Miss Mew it really is! I am still in shock I mean its been a long time.
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Congratulations! I can only imagine the stress of having to hide that, and how free you must feel now. Good luck with everything, and hold on to your great guy!
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Great news!
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Well done that's wonderful news. Congratulations!!

My ex-husband had an affair with a Muslim girl....I didn't think it would last but they are getting married in April, and he is converting.

I think it's nice when people will do such things for the one they love.
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Fantastic news, congratulations!! I can understand why you'd not tell your parents about your relationship - especially if there may be a reason that your parents would object. But this is a really huge step forward and it's simply wonderful! I think the fact that your boyfriend is willing to convert his faith to muslim is a very admirable and honourable thing for him to do - you've struck gold with this man, I think sweetie! All the best for the future
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Congratulations! You must be so relieved to have that weigh off your shoulders. I think you've found a definte keeper. Good luck with your life together!
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Sounds like you have pretty awesome parents and a great boyfriend as well. I'm very happy for you and your family.
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awwwwwwwww im so pleased for you, hope you guys have a great future!!!
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Thank you so much you guys! This is the best forum community I have ever been a part of.
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Congrats!! Sounds like you have found a great guy!!
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Originally Posted by Sims2fan
Thanks everyone!

Turtlecat are you an Arab American?
Half Turk, but let's say that Islam stuck with me more than RC.
My dad is really "liberal" from a middle eastern perspective, but don't beleive that means that he's not a threatening force when something goes against his beleifs! You know what I mean!
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Yeah I know because my mom is like that! My Dad doesn't seem to care much about religion. My mother on the other hand...
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