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Sphynx Kitten Care

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This month I will be picking up my Sphynx hairless kitten. I asked the breeder if there was anything special I needed before I brought the kitten home and he said no, it would not require anything different than my cat with hair. The only exception is being bathed weekly and his ears cleaned weekly. I've never owned a Sphynx before but all the research I have done online indicates that it has different needs i.e. heating pad, blanket, same food as breeder. Can anyone point me in the right direction for the type of supplies I will need?
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First of all congrats on your new baby.

Here is what I found!

Bath Time
Since the Sphynx is hairless, they will require a bath. Once a week is best. In general, cats do not like water, but they can lean to tolerate it, some even like it. At Barecats we start bathing our kittens from a very young age so the kittens are used to getting a bath when they go to their new homes.
Bathing a cat can be very easy. I like to bath my cats in the kitchen sink. I use an anti-microbial / anti-fungal shampoo. I fill up the sink half way with warm water. I squeeze a little shampoo onto a wet wash cloth, and bathe them just like I would a baby. Be careful not to get any shampoo in their eyes. Make sure to keep a dry towel close by so you can dry the cat off quickly.

The Sphnyx ears also need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Because they lack hair around their ears, they tend to get more of a "dirt build up" than a "regular cat". I like to clean their ears once a week. An ear cleaner and Q-tips will do the trick. Follow the instructions on the ear cleaner, and be sure not to insert the Q-tip into parts of the ear that you cannot see. If you are unsure about cleaning their ears, your Vet will be happy to show you how to clean them properly.
There are many good ear cleaners for cats. You can purchase these products from your Vet or a pet catalog.

The Sphynx also lacks eyelashes, which can result in dirt in the corners of their eyes. Gentle wiping with a damp washcloth will take care of this. Do not use a baby wipe for this.

Due to the lack of hair on the Sphynx feet, you will also need to clean their nails. To do this, gently press on their toes to make their claw stick out. Then simply wipe them clean with a damp washcloth or a baby wipe. This is also a good time to trim their nails. When trimming their nails, look for the pink inside of their nails. Do not cut into the pink part, this can cause soreness or bleeding. If you cannot see the pink part, just trim the tip of the nail.

Because of their lack of hair their body has to work harder to keep themselves warm. This creates a higher metabolism. Because of their higher metabolism, they eat more and more often than "regular cats" do.
I feed my cats a premium dry cat food. I leave the dry food down at all times so they can eat whenever they need to.
The Sphynx loves fresh water. Many of my cats like to drink from the bathroom faucet. Be sure to change their water daily.

Litter Box
The type of cat litter is up to you. The most important thing is to scoop out the litter box daily. Change it completely once a week. I also use bleach to disinfect the litter box.

The Sphynx are very intelligent cats. However, they can be very persistent!
You should also provide a scratching post for your cat. It is possible to train them to use it, instead of your furniture.

Temperature Requirements
The sphynx cannot tolerate temperatures that are too cold. The "ideal" temperature for these cats is 70 degrees or above. During winter months I usually provide a heated bed. In the summer, I leave a blanket laying on the couch or chair, so they can snuggle up in it if they want too. Some Sphynx even enjoy wearing a sweater.

Never allow your Sphynx to go outside. Their skin is very sensitive and can easily sunburn. Instead, make them a special place in front of a window, where they can lounge in the sunshine.

There are a few members who are owned by Sphynx's who I am sure will be adding more.

Good luck with your new baby!!
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That's great advice and I'm glad I didn't have to type it.

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We picked up Chloe yesterday. She is absolutely adorable. Thank you for your advice. I'll try to post a picture when I get a chance.
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