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This forum is here for information, discussions, debates and so forth. I think you might be overly sensitive about what's happening in this thread. There is a discussion going on and it's a civil one, with all view points being expressed. If there were a problem with badgering, I'm sure a mod would have stepped in by now.
Each person can only speak for themselves as to what diet they will feed their cats. Your position is clear, but please allow others to speak for themselves.
If this is a sore subject on the boards, perhaps it's better discussed in the IMO forum, where there is more latitude for civil, but heated discussions.
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I think its sentiments like this that cause people to feel somewhat disrespected or "badgered" as turtlecat stated:

The only real choice for "best diet" is a raw diet. This is what cats (and dogs) are designed by mother nature to eat.
There is a bunch of nonsense mis-information out there about salmonella and viciousness from eating raw meat. It's just hype.
All my cats get a raw diet. Why? Because I want the best for them and yes, I'm willing to pay more, do more and put up with the extra effort it takes to feed them this diet.
I feed myself well and I'm not going to feed my cats some dried up biscuit because it's more convenient for me to do so.
No one wants to be told that they are feeding "dried up biscuits" or that they aren't doing it the other way, the "right way"..

That being said, I think this an interesting discussion and look forward to the comments on it. It reminds me of the heated discussions on my parenting board in the breastfeeding vs. bottlefeeding camps..
There, while I do think that breastfeeding is the best diet for children and adamantly uphold a woman's right and efforts to do so, I don't want to badger the bottlefeeders with my beliefs and tell them over and over they are doing it the "wrong way".
Its not for me to judge..

And to liken smoking, as a previous example, to feeding a superior commerical diet, is just too much of an exaggeration to me.

I would like to feed a raw diet. I think its likely a really great option.
I would also like to eat healthy every day, exercise and drink 8 glasses of water per day.
But I don't. I use moderation and do the best I can to the best of my ability.

To each his own. Speak your thoughts and arguments for the subject but respect other people's methods and choices.
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for those of you who support raw diet? do u have any info / resources that you could share with us? like if i were to prepare raw diet for my kitty, what should / shouldn't i feed? certain websites that i should check out?
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Originally Posted by Loveysmummy
To each his own. Speak your thoughts and arguments for the subject but respect other people's methods and choices.
That's exactly what I have been doing, speaking my own mind and giving my own opinions. But since I go against the majority here, what I say, is considered badgering, even though I am giving just my own opinion. I have yet to disrespect anyone's choices in feeding their cats. But I have offered my own opinion as to what is best for cats to eat. This is not the first thread on this subject, although it will be the last one I participate in.

If you take offense to me calling a piece of kibble a dried up biscuit, I apologize, but that's exactly what it is.

I thought I might have a lot to offer this forum in the way of insight and education about raw feeding, feline health and breeder issues, but if people here are going to get their feelings hurt everytime I type something that goes against the majority opinion, I'll just remain silent. It's not worth the hassle for me.
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I simply meant that certain attitudes about what people have said as a valid concern have been thrown back in their faces and thought that was inappropriate to tell them that their concerns are absurd. I'm sorry, I shan't be bothered then to continue with this thread.

This PARTICULAR thread was meant to inform a forum member as to what foods are good, not to have a debate as to whether raw food was the only way to go.

I have told people in other threads to seek for an informed view on the dietary needs of a cat while feeding raw. I will make sure to post your names in the future, but I just don't think that every "what food do you feed" should include unending amounts of scoffing at the concerns of non-raw-feeders.
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I am sure that raw is best. It's even best for humans, but it's difficult to get the whole animal (at least if you live in London), as a lot of things are no longer sold since BSE. You can get Toxo from anything, including salad and fruit. Unless you are pregnant and never had a cat before, I wouldn't worry too much. But it is difficult to fit in, when you are working full time. Dry food is just easier.
Regarding salmonella and stuff... I guess no one checks food in the wild for it either. Cats have a lot more stomach acid than humans and not much survives a cat's tummy. So, unless the meat is utterly and completley rancid, it will be fine. My cat loves raw meat, and I give him some stuff during cooking, but I haven't (yet) made the switch to home-made food.
I found some italian pouches at the petshop the other day, which seemed very good. The ingedients sounded like they were made for human consumption, lol. It was basically just chicken and chicken soup with Jelly and egg. It had real chicken pieces, not the normal square-stuff. Freaked the cat out a bit first, but then he loved it. Will have a look next time what it was called. It may be available in the US as well.
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I believe the original poster has received lots of information on their question so before this thread gets any more out of hand or disrespectful, I'm closing it.
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