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Water amount question

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how do I know if my kitten is drinking enough? She has a drink-well fountain and I have only seen her use it a few times. I also tried still cool water, but I never catch her drinking. Should I be concerned or am I just a nervous nell with my new love?
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I'm not sure what to tell you other than I don't always see our kitties drinking but I know they are drinking much more than before now that we have the pet fountain. I have to top up the water more often.

When you scoop her litter, how many clumps are there, i.e., is she going to the bathroom for #1?

Hopefully Hissy or someone with much more knowledge or experience will be along soon to possibly give you a much better answer than I.
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I also don't always see Loki drinking - but I do know from his pee as well as pinch test (pull skin on neck and if it snapps back kitty is well hydrated) that he gets enough fluids.
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my problem is quite hte reverse.
my kitty drinks lots of water...and go peeing like 3-4 times a day.
i usually find 3 - 4 clumps...is it too much? does it indicate any problems????
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I felt the same way about not seeing my cat drink. I got him a new fountain in September and the first time I saw him drinking out of it was last week! BUT, I know he was getting water because he pees a lot. There is also a lot in his food, though.
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