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Terminating feral cat  

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I suppose no one on here wants to hear this but we are desperate.
We have a pregnant feral cat that eats the food of our 2 tame cats. We live on a large lot but are elderly and can't have her or feral kittens here.
We have tried several times to trap her in a cage we rented from the county, but she would not go into it, and we cannot physically get near her to catch her.
My wife wants to starve her but I feel that is inhumane.
Is there a poison we can give her that will be quick and painless?
Ray Mac
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That's illegal to do. Are you sure you cant take her in? Are there any elderly couples/people who may want her, animals reduce blood pressure and are great companions if the elderly man/women have no family to keep them company. Is she nice, if so mabye a shelter by you will take her in and she could be put up for adoption.
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Poisoning the cat is not a option. Its unbelievable to even suggest such a thing. Its a cruel slow painfull death!!
How is the Feral cat getting to your cats food? Are you feeding them outside. If you are then of course she won't go into the trap. She has no need to if theres other food sitting there for the taking.
Put the trap back out and put in some nice smelly cat food ..Tuna fish would be even better. DO NOT put any other food outside only what is in the trap. In a few days she will be hungry enough to have to go into the trap to eat. Have patience she will most likely go into the trap. But not if she has other food she can eat. I would try to trap her ASAP before she has the kittens.
Isn't there a Humane Society or Cat Rescue group in your area that could assist you with this? Persistance and patience are the key to trapping her good luck with this.
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Gardenandcats is right you can find a local rescue group to help you catch her, if you don't of any, just call the vet's office and they'll be able to refer you to one.

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Thanks to all for taking the timeto respond. I'm sure you did so with the best of intentions. but these are not options for us.
Ray Mac.
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Simply put: Killing this one cat will not solve what you perceive as your problem. If feral cat(s) are a problem for you, then the issue is that YOU are providing an easy food source by feeding your cats (and by default the neighborhood cats, raccoons, opossums, foxes, skunks, etc.) outside. If you execute this one mother cat and her kittens, you will create a vacuum in which there is an untapped food source. You may end up with more of a feral cat “problem†than you have now. Actually, it is quite likely you will because the vacuum effect will attract more cats than the one feral (that you see) now. And most likely there will be a few toms among them, which will lead to them fighting and spraying your home and property, as well as beating up your own cats who I presume spend at least part of their time outdoors.

This is a saavy feral cat. She’s probably survived more than you could possibly understand. Obviously she is trap smart, and people wary. If you remove her easy food source, she will move on and find another one. At least that gives her a chance at survival. Trust me – you and your food bowl aren’t the only thing between her and starvation.

This thread is now closed. This is the solution to your problem, whether you want to hear it or not. Poisoning the cat(s) is not only heartless, it will prove to be ineffective.
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