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Okay, so I've had my darling Riley for about two months, and I know the vet office a tad too well.

First was his general checkup a week I had him. Nothin special, just a distemper shot. The shelter had vaccinated and neutered him

A few weeks later I took him back, I had noticed his left eye was closed. The vet said he had a scratch and gave him ointment. Didn't work.

Week later I took him again and a different vet said it was a bacterial infection and gave him prendisone and amoxicillian (sorry for my bad spelling) and a different ointment. No improvement.

Went for his check up and the vet took him off the prendisone and gave him eye drops and said I should get an appoinment with an opthamolgist. I did, the next state over!!! My poor kitty! He seems to be in little pain, he still plays, eats, cuddles, and annoys Morgan.

Anywho, sorry about the rambling, but good ya send good thoughts his way?

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I know its hard when kitty dont feel well,, sure hope that kitty gets better best wished fop a speedy recovery!!!
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Healing thoughts, kitty kisses and good vibes to Riley!! Get well soon.
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OOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooohhhh. Poor Riley! Prayers are sent for your baby.
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Milo and I Hope you get better real soon Riley.......
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Thanks :-) ;-) :-) his appt is on Fri (barring snow) I'll let ya'll know how it goes!
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You and Riley are in my thoughts and prayers. The not knowing is so hard, hopefully tomorrow you will find out what is going on.
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I hate snow, grrr

Riley's visit is this tues, good news is, he eye loosk better. Well, it really doesn't, but at least he's opening it now!
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The opthamologist said the best thing to do was remove the eye. So I made an appointment for the veery next day with my regular vet. That was a nervous day!! SHe called my to tell me how the operatin went, and said I got him there just in time because when she just touched the eye, it burst (her words). So now I have a one-eyed, buck-toothed, polydactyl cat. Should have gotten the extende warrenty! j/k ;-) He's doing fine, hates his lampshade collar, and is back to purring. I must say, he still looks prety good.

sorry, bad link for the pic
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I am so glad he doing well Plenty of huggs and kisses to your baby!!
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Oh Riley, you poor kitty! He sure sounds like a trooper. I'm glad you got him to the vet in time!
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Precious little Riley, my girls and I are so happy you're feeling better! Bet you're absolutely gorgeous! We're sending you lots of sweet snuggles!
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Oh poor sweet Riley!
What a little trooper.

Give that little fellow lotsa loving from all of us too.
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Thanks everyone!!!

Yeah, he's getting lovin....and he'll get a few cat treats tomorrow!
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