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Kitten supply list

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Hi all!

Im new here and this is my 1st post even though ive been lurking for quite awhile lol. I just purchased a bengal kitty 4 days ago. He was just born so he wont be joining my home till Feb. This is my 1st cat so i need a list of things to get for him. You can list even the most basic things bc i might forget lol. Since hes a bengal i believe he will be really active and i will need activities to keep him busy.

Thanks, this is such a helpful site and i just love the envioronment here
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Originally Posted by Southernlocs
Hi all!

Im new here and this is my 1st post even though ive been lurking for quite awhile lol. I just purchased a bengal kitty 4 days ago. He was just born so he wont be joining my home till Feb. This is my 1st cat so i need a list of things to get for him. You can list even the most basic things bc i might forget lol. Since hes a bengal i believe he will be really active and i will need activities to keep him busy.

Thanks, this is such a helpful site and i just love the envioronment here may want to contact the person you purchased your bengal from for suggestions regarding food, litter and toys (these are the basics). There are some bengal breeders on this board who will also be willing to provide other suggestions..but it is always best to ask the breeder of your kitten what she/he recommends first.

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Well first things, the breeder will generally provide you with a small amount of the food that they have the kitten on (kittens are especially snesitive to changes in their diet) You may want to see if you can provide the same food, or even a better quality food like Nutro or Royal Canin. I do know that a lot of bengal owners feed them raw, however, it is a big deal to feed them this way and better off for a more experienced cat owner - If it is something that interests you, there's lots of owners that feed raw and can give you better info on this.

You will need a shallow wide dish for food, possibly slightly elevated (kittens especially, tend to eat too quickly, and then they get upset tummies) your kitten will also need a water bowl, however, I suggest a fountain such as a cat-it (my favorite) fountains encourage kitty to drink more, and I've found that the running water stays colder and fresher.

You will also need to have 2 boxes for litter, I suggest covered, with a litter of your choice. I prefer all natural clumping litters like nature's miracle/ World's Best Cat Litter, however, there are a variety of litters to choose from. It is suggested by the vets though that at the time of neuter you use a natural/ nonclay /nonclumping litter. I suggest staying away from clay litters because they're dusty, and the dust is bad for kitties. (also get a litter scoop, obvoiously)

I would also suggest a couple of large, clean tupperware containers to keep the litter and food in, as well as a litter locker to dispose of your old litter into (Note: there are flushable litters, but they are a bit more expensive in general)

for toys, may I suggest a couple that will be really great for hand-eye (paw-eye?) coordination? they keep my kits absolutely tired! Petmate Looney Loops, Kat Twisties, and Cat Crazies. They're hard plastic and the spin and bounce and roll. Also a Cat Dancer, they're so simple and so fabulous. Do not let kittly play with wand toys or toys with feathers or ribbons by themselves though, they could swallow them and get sick!

Remember until your kitten reaches 6 months old, catnip won't affect him or her
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litter box is say # one ,,cat litter ,,,scoopeable is realli good u donthave to change whole food and dishes pooper scooper...and maybe a few toys and a area u can confine kitty while u are away from home is he she is shy....flea drops would be good if you have the extra money you onli have to out these on once a month....aslo lots of love and attention...and yes cats can get fleas in winter) a old towel or old basket so kitty knows it is hers althouhg some cats sleep anywhere ...I dont care if they sleep inm bed forever !! lol ..i know how it is u always run out of something at last minute ..wal marts target or any chain pet store is good ,,,and ohh a disposable scratching postmay be good if you dont want to spend a big sum right now,,,,also check online through google many sight offer free samples and good coupons for cat stuff!! best luch and good wishes to you and your kitty
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that is a good point, a scratching post/cat tree is nice, and maybe a little bed for the kitten.

Since you are starting this thread so soon (you've got 2 months or so) you've got the time to spread out your purchases a little, so you can provide a warm, welcoming environment for kitty.

I would like to remind you that your breeder probably has an introduction policy, but the basic idea is, especially for kittens with limited body control, you give them 1 room to be comfortable in for a week or so, with food as far from the litter as possible, and then slowly extend the rest of the house out to them. that way they don't get overwhelmed with how big and new and different everything is. After a weekm you may want to get 2 baby gates that will sepearate off a larger area, and expand their area slowly into the rest of the house.

Also I would take this time to kitten proof your home, making sure you have your electrics covered and wires and cables kept carefully hidden so teething kitty doesn't decide that your monitor cable is a chew toy. Make sure to be in the habit of shutting the restroom door, or the toilet lid at least, because kittens can drown if they get in the toilet.
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I'd also get a collar and tag that has your name, the cat's name, your number and an inscription such as "If I am outside, I am lost". A lot of members here like laserdog, which can be found on ebay. As for the collar, make sure that it's stretchy all the way around or has a breakaway clasp. Even if your cat is indoor-only, you'll want to prepare for teh possibility of him/her getting out.

As far as toys, I'd reccommend (especially for a bengal, from what I've heard about the breed) bigger, more durable soft toys, such as those made my West Paw (they have a website, just google 'West Paw') My "Bengal-Wannabe" tabby boy LOVES these toys and they stand up to all of his abuse.

My personal prefernce is to feed a top-quality commercial diet with BOTH wet and dry. There are tons of opinions of food availible in the health and nutrition forum.
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I started this thread early bc i want to have everything together b4 he comes home! And im also just too darn excited lol

Off to write down my list
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Things to ask for from your breeder:
  • Brand and variety of moist/canned food fed and times/frequency of feedings
  • Brand and variety of dry food fed and times/frequency of feedings
  • Brand and variety of litter used
  • Contact Information for her vet
  • Dates of all vet exams, report of findings including weight*
  • Dates, brand names, lot numbers and expiration dates of all vaccines given*
* Try to get photocopies of your breeder's printed vet's invoices - these will have all the information your new vet will need. Be advised that if your breeder administered her own vaccines, your new vet may not recognize those vaccines as being "valid" - you may be forced to re-vaccinate. If you have the printed invoices from the vet, you have what many vets consider to be "valid" evidence that appropriate vaccines and protocols were administered by a competant practitioner.

You will also need to receive your Ownership Documents; make absolutely certain you get the signed (by both you and the breeder) copy of the kitten Sales Agreement. Many breeders will wait to send you the registration docs until prove of spay/neuter has been received. Also request a written receipt for the purchase price.

You may also ask your breeder to include a favorite toy or two if she doesn't offer.

I would also suggest asking for emergency contact information for your breeder. That way, you won't be losing precious time in the event of an emergent circumstance trying to reach her for assistance.

The other posters have given you a great list of supplies to have on hand at home for the big arrival date ... I just thought to assist you with the breeder's end of things.
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hi im in exactly the same position as you, my two new kitten swhich are norwegian forest cats are coming to me in january. iv sent a blanket to the breeder so that the boys will have something familiar tocome home with.. also the breeder is goin to give me a diet sheet which you may want to ask your breeder for. as for toys and fun bits, iv got them a scratching post and some plastic balls and bits like that with bells inside them as well as having a few material toys. i dont liike to give them only material toys other wise they may start to think that your favourite pair of socks are a toy as well(speaking from experience) you dont have ther cats im guessing? unlike me, so you won t need to disinfect a littter box. but i agree with the others intoduce the cat slowly to your house, but make sure they are comfortable in one room when you first bring them home
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Thanks for all the good advice!!!
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Bengals are great cats! Be prepared for a lot of energy, especially as you haven't had a cat before. Kittens are livewires and like having a baby around you don't get much sleep right away because they figure out how to keep your awake. Just be prepared .

Ahhh but they are so much fun. My girls shred their toys to pieces. I have fur pieces and feathers all over the living room. I have no intact interactive toys right now. Meeka does a good job playing tug of war like a dog! Its really funny.
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Since your in Georgia there is some stuff that you need to know and make sure of before you get your bengal. Bengals were just legalized in Georgia on 7/01/2005! However, your bengal must meet the following requirements:

Bengals shall be a domestic breed if the following conditions are met:
1.)Animals are at least F4 crosses (four generations removed from the Asian Leopard Cat)
2.)Animals are registered with a nationally reconized cat-fancier organization (like TICA)
3.)Animal owners have proof of origin of animals
4.)Animals are permanetly tattooed or microchipped with identifying information indicating the animal in question is the same as described in all required paperwork.
5.)Animal's appearance must generally adhere to those reconized and described traits for the breed.

(note: a wild animal license or permit is required for all Bengal cats that do not meet those five requirements)

If your purchasing a bengal in Georgia the breeder will probably know this info and be able to make sure everything is legal, but you should talk with your breeder anyway to be sure.. If your bringing the cat in from another state you should definately talk with the breeder to be sure you have all your requirements met! it would a terrible trajedy if you had the kitten for awhile and it got taken away from you because you did not meet the requirements!
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I'm not going to be of much help but there are a couple of things that I could suggest for little things. You may want to buy a cat brush for grooming, and some kittys like to be brushed for fun, mine personally likes to chew it after I brush her face. You would want to have a pet carrier especially before you pick up your pet by what ever means (car, train, plane, etc.). You my want to invest in an outdoor enclosure for your pet to play in or a harness and leash, depending on how you are going to do it. (Indoor, Indoor/Outdoor cat) You may also want to line up a vet now, or atleast start looking. Check with friends and go and see some. You can probably set up a date right after you get kitty for his neuter, then you wouldn't have to worry at the last minute about forgetting or having to change your schedule all around. That's about all I can tell you.
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Thanks!! I have read the new Georgia rules on the internet somewhere, thanks for posting them for me Off to email the breeder again lol
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