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Cat's Favorite Game

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Alicat's story about her kitty's favorite game with the laundry basket in the Behaviour Forum inspired me. I would like to know what some of your kitty's favorite games are.

Trent is a very playful kitty, so this list of his favorite games could be long (I'll keep it short). He likes playing fetch with his football (little brightly colored faux leather football with metallic streamers), but generally has us throw it, runs after it and comes back without it and looks at us like "OK, throw another one." Not a real good fetcher. He also likes to box his toys. If we hold one a little above him, especially the football by the streamers, he will hit it with his front paws like a boxing bag.

Ophelia is generally pretty reserved, so it takes a lot for her to "lose her little composure." She has one game that only Mommy can play (Daddy doesn't do it right). I had some craft cord left from making Christmas ornaments, which Trent found and decided it was their toy. There is probably a good 4 feet left on the spool. Ophelia will beg for me to stand up and whip it back and forth for her to chase it. As soon as I grab it she will run over to the spot that we play with it. (Just so everyone knows, they only play with the cord with adult supervision so they don't ingest any)

What quirky games do your cats have???
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I love reading the antics of cats!! It's really hard for me to pick a particular quirk. With 12 of them, it seems someone is wreaking havoc at all times. The one that has recently come about is with my cat Crabby Tabby. She has this "thing" with tissue boxes! When I put one out where there might be some napping space, she pushes it to the floor..LOL
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Oooooh I love talking about my babies:tounge2:

Mitzi doesn't really play too much anymore but when the other cats are not around to terrorize her she LOVES to wiggle around in a pile of cat nip.

Xavier likes to play with his mice. You know those gray mice you can get at the pet shop for 70 cents each? He carries them around with him everwhere and when he's smacking them around and they get too close to being lost under the couch he grabs them up in his mouth and brings them to the middle of the living room where he'll do several times untill he's ready to take a nap.

Fallon's favorite game is to stalk Mitzi and pounce her whenever she can. Whenever you see Mitzi Fallon is right behind her crawling low to the floor, with her butt wiggling.

Sampson's favorite thing is this flexible plastic pole with these long leather straps on the end. He'll stalk it at first then pounce and bite the crap out of it. He's so funny he'll grab ahold of the straps by his teeth and tug on it like a dog and he won't let go untill for the longest time.
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Fred has a new thing he does with his toys. I keep all the cat toys in a basket on the floor. I have seen him several times lately with his paws in the basket flinging toys back over his head. Then he will grab one and run all over the kitchen smacking it around. Leo has a rug he loves. He will scratch on it, then roll around on his back. Sometimes he will get on one end, dig his claws in and roll himself up in it. If he just lays under it, Georgia will stalk him until he pokes his head out, then she will jump on him, smack him on the head, and run away. They seem to be happier here, they all play a lot more.
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I just love this

Sadie loves the feather on the wand thing. She will go crazy when she sees it. She also likes paper bags. But she not big player she would rather sit in my lap for me to pet her.

Solties on the other hand loves to play fetch with the little furry mice. She also loves to play with a shoe string; you make it go round and round and she chases it. But, I guess her most favorite is she can be in a dead sleep and hear you take the ring off a new jug of milk and she is right there.

It is nothing to go to bed at night with only two cats and wake up with five furry mice, shoe strings, and who knows how many milk rings (I never realized how much milk I drink until go to pick up their toys). They are quite the busy cats at night
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Noah plays fetch with his green string. We'll toss it across the room, and he'll chase it, pounce on it, then drag it back to us in his mouth. Excellant fetcher!!
Cleopatra on the other hand, will play with anything. Usually she'll take Noah's toys away from him while he is playing with them. He just lets her, too. That boy is whipped!! lol.
But Cleo's favourite toy is the lazer pointer! The minute someone picks it up, she's looking all over the room for the little red dot to appear! It's funny!:laughing:
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Blackie, the only one who goes out, has a fur mouse he loves to play with. He tosses it around and rolls on it. I think he's practicing his technique for hunting in the great outdoors.

Fred likes dangly things. If I wear pants with ties, he goes for the ends. If one of the other cats sits on something high, like the edge of the sink, and his tail hangs down, Fred attacks the tail.

Sparky's favorite toy so far is hands. He likes to wrestle hands, and I can't quite convince him that it's not fair to pretend he wants to be petted and then wrap himself around my hand to nibble and claw. Other than that, he's my lovey boy, not so much a playful guy.
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We keep a box of new toys that the babies get to choose something new out of every now and then. When I get the box out, they both get all excited but take their time and sniff at all the different toys (sparkly pom-poms, mice, silk rose buds, little stuffed animals). They really take their time to pick out something really special. It is so cute! Then they each play with their new toys for days since they picked it out.
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Harley loves to hockey a piece of ice about the kitchen floor. When we go to the freezer he stands up and begs for us to drop a piece.
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We used to have two cats, our cat Midnight passed away last August.
When Snowball was a kitten he and Midnight had a game they played, Snowball would crouch down to wait behind a large object, and then Midnight would run past him really fast. Snowball would immediately come out of hiding and chase after Midnight, trying to grab her from the back just like a lion does when it brings down it's prey. They used to play this game quite often and they also liked to chase each other back and forth.

Now Snowball is alone and his favorite plaything is his interactive pyrimid(sp)? toy. When we first got him this toy he was afraid of it, but now we see him playing with it several times a day.
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