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this could save your cats life

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in memory of sox. 07/99-03/17/02 here are some things i found on a great site on the net. these are things you should watch out for. get your cat to the vet fast if they do any!

1.they hide ,don't come when called

2. any cat who spends too much time in litter box

3. a cat who caughs or breaths too fast

4. skin lumps or bumps

5. won't eat

6. vomiting. if you remember the last time this happeded. it's happening too often.

7. weight loss

8. they look bad, are not them selves

the vet who wrote this said all are major things and your cat could be in serios trouble and to get to the vet fast. don't wait until its to late. all these things above could have really serious outcomes. and i must add if your cat loses his balance. go. do blood work. thanks.
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I am so sorry about your loss, and it's a good idea to have a list, I wanted to add something to it:

If a cat starts uriniating (not spraying) outside of the litter box, it should be seen by a vet ASAP.
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heres another one. cats eyes should always be clear. anybody got anymore? oh try not to feed your cats table food. you know tuna is not good for your cat? i just learned that too.cats need balanced meals. too much fat can lead to fatty liver disease. and other health problems.
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Heres some....
Do not feed your cats dog food.
Do not give your cats aspirin, tylenol, or any type of human medicines. It is extremely toxic and will kill your cat.
Do not feed your cat Chocolate.

Just some of the things I have learned in time.
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Hopefully I will not frighten anyone unecessarily, but beware of string. If your cats are like mine, they would love to eat any length of string that they may find lying around, and this can be very dangerous. Apparently, the string could do some damage to the intestines by getting twisted on the way down and cutting off the passage--this can create a lethal blockage. Rubber bands can be problematic as well.

Take the extra time to pick up any loose strings and to put all rubberbands away and out of reach. It can save you a lot of worry and heartache in the long run.

Your friend,

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Here is another the preservative that you put into flower arrangement water can kill your cats.
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If you have a kitten or small cat, ALWAYS make sure the toilet lid is DOWN. My friend's 2-month-old kitten drowned in the toilet bowl while either getting a drink or exploring. He went in headfirst (with paws) and could NOT back out because the bowl was too slippery and because I'm sure he panicked. I can't imagine what it must've been like to come home to something like that...

Make sure you house is safe for your pets.
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