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that's so great that you took in all those babies!! I wish I could afford to care for all those kitties... my max was 8 (all of them were FeLV+) and that was a handful, 5 litter boxes and a big bag of food every 3 weeks or so, plus I live in a trailer, but then its just me the kitties and my fuzzball dog, but my philosophy is, the more the merrier!
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Thats is really awsome. I wish I had the time and money to have more cats. It is great that you have provided a loving home to so many kitties. God bless you.
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welcome the TCS! ....your cats are VERY lucky to have someone with your compassion to care for so many that needed you. Take a bow. You deserve it ....BTW, Spam looks just like my Hobbs. ...welcome again!
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Welcome! I'd love to have a cat sanctuary if I had more time and more money!! Gosh , you have quiter the lovely family!
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A warm welcome to you and all of your kitties awaits you here on TCS!!!

I wish I could have that many cats!!!
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Hi, Sierra, Serenity and I welcome you and your beautiful family to TCS! So glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! I would be so happy to help you in any way as you learn your way around the site. Please, simply click on my user name and send me a Private Message or contact me anytime at dawnofsierra@gmail.com!

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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums !!!
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You are my hero!!! And I thought I had accomplished a lot when I rescued
4 cats! Ha! Welcome, and I have to tell you, this is the best site! You will love it here!! You will fit right in!!!!!There is always something interesting going on much less the interesting people! Glad your abroad!!!
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... And I thought 5 cats was a lot in one household. Good for you, though, and good luck with all of them.
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Thank you all!! Everyone is very kind here. I don't have any questions at the moment. All my kitties are doing really good, I am very happy there are not any health problems with any of them. if anything should arise, I will be sure to post my question/problem here for advice and/or opinions.
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I like your siggy, Punkygirl0101. Very true!!...and it has a cute pic, too.
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Wow, I thought 6 cats was hard enough work!! Welcome!!
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Hello and welcome! You have a beautiful family!
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