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Cat Urine

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We just moved into a house that previously had cats. We didn't know until it was too late that there were 3 big spots on the floor where the cats had peed. It wasn't sprayed. Could anyone recommend stuff to get the stain and smell out permanently? I would like to get a cat but I'm afraid it will pee in the spots that the previous owner's cats did.
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First of all invest in a black light- you will likely find more spots than just three. The you can go to www.zero-odor.com and order their product. Truly your best bet would be to pull up the carpet, treat the baseboard and the floor below and then put down new carpeting. That is your best bet.
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Id also definitley reccomend a good steam clean if you have carpets ... you can rent them from supermarkets of borrow one from someone who has one maybe ... pet stains sink into the lower part of the rug ( padding ect )...with a good steamer this will lift everything up to the surface ...you may have to do this 2 times ..steam then let it dry and steam again one more time ..plus then your carpet will have a good allover cleaning and yes as the previous poster said the cat spray would work good on the spots with a good steam clean( we had a sick kitty who had FeLv and at the end he lost all bladder control. so he peeed all over and this methood did work for me !
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