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Bad Habit

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You work in a vet's office right? Did you go to school? What classes do you have to take? I am asking because I am really interested in studying to become a veterinary technician. Right now, I attend the Skill Center at the community college where I am training for office procedures. But I really want to be a vet tech and work in a vet clinic. Do you have to take chemistry? And Biology. Thanks. I appreciate your information.
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Yes I do work in a vet's office, a smaller one at that. Although it's the biggest in town it's not a big emergency clinic. I am technically not a "technician" I never went to school for it and do not have a degree but I do everything a licenced tech does, lab work, x-rays, administering meds and nursing care along with taking phone calls, prep surgery ect.the only difference is I don't have a piece of paper saying I went through all the schooling. I was taught everything I know through hands on learning, reading many books and asking a TON of questions.

As far was what's required to become a licenced tech I'm not too sure. Although I know quite a lot about the field I do not plan to stick with it and therefore have not gone to become licenced. The best course of action is to get a job doing tech work at a clinic so you gain the experience needed to help you through school, although it's not necessiary. Unfortunatly the number one problem techs face is not being paid enough for the work they do.

I wish you luck though if you do decide to become a tech, it can be a very rewarding job and if it's what you're looking for it's a wonderful job. At one time I wanted to be a licenced tech so I started working at the clinic but after a few years I came to the conclusion that I'm much better suited to being a dog trainer.

If you have any more questions I'll be happy to answer them. Hopefully things will go your way.
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Nena10, I worked in a dental office ( for humans) a while back as a dental tech. I don't know if it is the same premesis, but in the dental field there are 2 defferent sort of techs.
You have the ones that go to the 2 year course and actually have an associates degree for that. And then the ones like me, that were trained on the job. You can basically do everything the other ones do, the biggest difference is the PAY!!!!!!!!! For an example, I was making I think 12.00 per hour ( in 1992 ) and the ones with degrees were making closer the $16.00 per hour.

Maybe you could start out in a clinic training, and if you like it, then enroll for the program. At least you'd be making some money to start with !!! Good luck.
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