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New Cat Disrupting Household

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We had two cats. A 15-yr-old and an 11-yr-old. After a long and happy life the 15-yr-old succumbed to kidney disease. Several months later, we decided to get another cat and adopted one from the local humane society. She is a 2-yr-old (Cinnamon) who was found at a gas station. She's an extremely needy cat who wants constant love and affection. This doesn't bother us cat-lovers at all. What bothers us is that she has become the "Territory Terrorizer" — hissing, growling and yes, attacking our 11-yr-old (Sylvie). Sylvie is extremely fearful of Cinnamon and hides all day long in her one safe room. We must organize the household to have them avoid each other at all times. This is getting to be a real pain in the neck! The room Sylvie hides in has glass doors,through which she can see Cinnamon — but all this "looking" has had no effect so far on either one's behavior.

Also, Cinnamon eats like a horse! We've NEVER had a cat that ate like that! What is the normal amount that an adult cat should eat? Normal for us is 1 cat — 1 can, plus a bowl of kibble that they can eat whenever. Cinnamon would go through 4 or 5 cans a day if we let her.
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A couple of questions first...Did you gradually introduce the two cats, i.e., keep the new kitty in a spare room letting them sniff each other under the door, then letting him out supervised? Cats are very territorial. You should expect them to hiss and spit. You can also put the new kitty in a carrier (for his own protection) and let the old kitty approach him and sniff. It won't happen overnight so it's best to give it some time. You can let them loose while you're around to make sure no blood is drawn, and then put the new kitty back in the room when you're not there.

As far as feeding is concerned, I have 8 cats. I split 2 cans between all 8 once in the morning and once at night. They get dry food anytime they want. You might want to have the new kitty checked for worms. Especially if his appetite is ravenous.
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Dear Tracer,
I have had two males that really can't stand each other for over one year now. It's been miserable and it's been a hard ball game but, they're finally calming down a bit. I understand what you're going through. It's not an easy task when you want everyone to love one another like you do them. I tried to do what Donna had mentioned with them...and it had worked with many other kitties, but these two were so hard core! Forget it. I'm sure you'll have better luck for some reason! As far as the food goes...I do agree with Donna...I would have Cinnammon checked for worms...sounds like she has them.
See ya later...good luck with them
God Bless You & Yours
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Cinnamon was thoroughly checked out by our Vet and — yes — she had worms, but was given the appropriate medicine for it. Her appetite has toned down somewhat. Now, instead of eating everything in sight, she has become quite fussy! Won't eat unless it's her favorite flavor or unless it's fresh from the can. How spoiled she's gotten in such a short time.

As for the behavior problem with Sylvie, it's the same, if not worse. We absolutely cannot have them anywhere near each other and must constantly be on guard. This is getting to be so unpleasant that I'm seriously thinking about giving Cinnamon back to the shelter and having her re-adopted by a "one-cat-only" family.

Before I do that, tell me ... what is this Rescue Remedy that I've seen mentioned here?
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Please don't give up on her too soon. She's been so lucky to find a good home with you. Chances are slim that this will happen again!

There are lots of ways to try and get two cats to live together. You should try separating them and let them sniff each other through a closed door. I think that if they can see each other it might make them more nervous. Let them get accustomed to each others scent first.
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You might want to try feeding them where they can see each other but have no contact. I have seen that work quite a few times.
The rescue remedy you can find at a health food store. It is a natural herb to take the edge off. It is best to give it to both of them and give it a week or two to kick in. It usually works wonderful...even for me!!
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