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cat claws my eyes.

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i have a 6 month old tabby and when he sits in my lap, or i lay in my bed, he likes to bat at my eye with his claws.

i read the "aggressive sticky" and i thought this was maybe due to the fact that he has some energy to burn, however, he does it all the time. he is very playful and it seems as though he thinks my eyeball is his own little toy. anyone ever expierence this from their kitten?
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I'll bet you're not blinking when you look at him. To a cat, a direct stare is a challenge, an indication of hostility -- you need to be sure to blink slowly and occasionally look away, so your kitty's battle instincts don't kick in.

When my Clyde was a baby, he was sleeping on the pillow beside me one night and I was watching him in the semi-dark. He woke up and saw me staring at him, and after a moment, he took a swat at my eyes and ran away! I didn't know what was wrong, but now I understand.

Don't worry -- it doesn't mean your kitten is going to be violent! My Clyde has grown up to be the gentlest little soul... he would never hurt me. :-)
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My kitten actually pats my husband's eyes when he blinks quickly...

If Seth gets too rough with us we usually just say in a deep voice 'HEY!" or "AAHH!" and she gets the point.
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thanks for the replies.
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Ed does the same thing. Sometimes, I might just be sitting on my couch and she comes up on my chest and starts pawing my glasses. I think it might be because she is seeing her reflection in them. It doesn't bug me too much, but she's starting to do it even when I don't have my glasses on....
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My Phenom tries to get my eyelashes. the movement makes them want to play!
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