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How do you make siggys with animation in them??
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Very carefully. Animated gifs very often are larger files than the 30 Kb we allow.
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You need software such as Jasc Animation Shop (or you can use the video maker that comes with windows but it tends to have large file sizes and then you need to change from movie format to gif format and its so much longer)

You can get a free 30 day trial of Jasc from their website

You need to reduce the file sizes of the images first so they fit in the guidelines of most forums - I like xat.com's image optimizer which lets you reduce each 'frame' image by 50% file size with little noticeable difference.
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lol ok it sounds too complicated for me i think ill just stick to my regular photoshop lol

thanks Yall
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That's why Hissy is now stationary, in order to animate this cat it would be a larger than allowed file.
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awwww you were animated? I would have liked to see that one. I wish I could have found this site a LOOOOOONG time ago instead in just the past couple of months lol. But your stuck with me now lol I love it here I am on here so much that when my daughter comes home from school she asks me what everyone said today and how the sick kitties are and if anything exciting happened and who posted new pics lol.
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yes, my hiss moved over the cat's head, his claws came out and he skidded across the bottom of the screen. But the file size was to large so I made him still
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It was neat....ah, well...
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