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TGIF thread!

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Happy Friday everyone! I am so glad it is Friday and I don't have to work this weekend. Hubby and I get to go out for dinner tonight and go to a lacrosse game. It is the last regular season game - I have to get some playoff game tickets as well! I am wearing my team jersey & I am hyped! No other big plans for the weekend - I'll just see what happens. Probably go visit with the in-laws. I hope everyone has a great day!
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Its FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! Yeah! Hubby and I might go out to a dance club tonight...no sure yet though if we might do something else. School is out for a week so now I can relax. Ady-have fun at dinner and the lacrosse game. Have a good day everyone!
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Well, lets hope the rest of my weekend goes better than today

I'm planning to crack open the bottle of Baja Rosa in my freezer tonight and watch some movies. Not sure what I'm going to rent yet- any suggestions?

Its a yucky snowy-rainy day here. So much for spring I thought for a while there we were finished with the cold weather. My daughter has a birthday party to go to later today. She brought home an invitation last night! I had to run out and buy a gift this morning after I dropped off the kitties at the Vet. I'm not looking forward to going out again in this horrible weather.I'd rather sit here with a big cup of coffee and talk to you guys

Have a great day everyone :rainbow:
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Since I have the weekend free, getting housework done, yesterday and today. Bill and I are going to the Pima Air Museum, tomorrow. Last night, took me son, Mark, to dinner, for his birthday. He's very happy with the gift cert. that I got him. He used it to buy a hard-to-find guitar strap. Have a nice weekend, cats!
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Happy Friday! Well, kind of. I was supposed to have this afternoon off (I work 9 hr. days M-TH, and have every-other Friday afternoon off), but my co-worker has jury duty so I am filling in for her today. And I have a bit of the stomach flu.

No big plans for the weekend. Just hope that I don't feel like this the whole time.

Have a great day!! TGIF! :blubturq:
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Well my allergy meds are kicking in so I'm starting to feel good now :tounge2: !!!! I think tonight we are going to see the movie Sorority Boys. I know what you all must think but it looks hyterical to me! I love the part in the attractions where the guy pulls out the long hair clog out of the sink and says it look like a wookie and then starts making the sounds Chewbacca makes! Not much in store for the weekend except more house hunting. We are looking for something that is a lease with an option to buy. We hate wasting our money on renting but we don't have the money to buy right now so it would be the perfect option.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!
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TGIF is right!! I am only working half a day today because I have to scoot over to the emmissions station and then to DMV to get my car registration done. It is VERY windy and cold here today. This morning with the wind chill it was 1 degree!! However, once my errands are done, I get to spend the rest of tonight and this weekend catching up at the cat site, relaxing, maybe watching a movie. I hope someone out there has spring weather!!!
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Parents' Night Out at our apartments tonight, which means free babysitting for a couple hours. She's supposed to visit her dad this weekend, too, so maybe I'll finally get caught up on the housework. I was planning to take her to see E.T. today, but we went to the zoo yesterday and it was more than I expected, so perhaps not. She'll be just as happy playing outside with friends.

I'm also looking forward to next week, when she is back in school and I can make some calls she doesn't need to hear. One problem with an only is that she isn't always occupied when she is at home. I was an only too, but I am more of a loner than she is so I wasn't bugging my mom every 10 minutes (probably every 15 :tounge2: )

Hey, I'm sorry to say you guys are my main source of human contact right now (I mean, you've all been wonderful, but I miss having local friends to hang with) and I know lots of people don't have computers at home, but . . . Since I will be alone this weekend, I sure would appreciate it if you'd check in here and post a little, keeps me from thinking too much. Oops, didn't mean to be a downer!
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there are many others here for you too Allison! I'll be working around the place this weekend, but I will pop in every now and again if you need an ear. I happen to have two good ones. Oh, that book will ship within a week, so I hope you get it.
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Just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe weekend!!!
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Well, my car passed emmissions and I got down to DMV to get it renewed. So now I am safe for another 2 years!! Now I just have to get hubby to write the check so I can get personalized plates. I also want to get the special "pet plates". It's going to be 135.00 but I think I am worth it I now have the manicotti and french bread in the oven....it seems it should be smooth sailing from here on out
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Can I come over to your house for dinner Sandie? Manicotti is my fav!

What do you want on your personalized plates?
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Yeah, I could live off of Italian food. Of course my daughter will be saying " Can I have something else?"
I have 3 choices down incase the first or second is taken. They say they are available, but you never know. They are as follows:



I was going to put MNHKNS but it has been taken
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I'm so glad it's Friday.... Although my weekend almost didn't start untill later. :P

We had a dog come into the clinic a half hour before we closed who might have needed a c-section. Boy I am glad she didn't because I wouldn't have gotten out of there untill 8:00....
Happy weekend every one!!
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Bill's been home, for a couple of hours so, our weekend has, officially, started. Opie didn't get out of bed until 1:00 PM. Of course, he's having nothing to do with me. I'm just the one who feeds him and cleans his litter box!
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I'm not sorry to have you guys! In fact I'm very grateful!

It just feels, hmm, maybe a little pathetic to say that most of my friends are online and I have only a little contact with adult human beings in the real world. Partly my own fault, being both an introvert and an at-home mom, partly due to moving so many times in the last couple of years, partly because the emotional stuff has been so heavy that it's just hard to reach out to new people. But somehow still sad to me in a geeky sort of way. Esp. since hubby these days seems to have all kinds of buddies pals chums etc. to visit and go out with, while I am at home with child and computer. Hmm, not much different from when we were married . . .

But I still didn't mean to be a downer in the TGIF thread!
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