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Rhea, Thanks for asking. Precious is doing well. Blueberry was pestering her the first day she came home, (Sat.) so she hid, except when she curled up with me at night. Now she is eating and drinking, and he is being a gentleman. They're back to grooming each other, and being all around good kitties. By the way, why do the vets use staples instead of stitches?? Are they less likely to pull out? They look so uncomfortable.
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Good to hear your little girl is doing well, and that Blueberry is being the perfect gentleman!! As for the staple thing - I have no idea!??!?!! I have seen them used before but I couldn't tell you why?! Maybe Sandie here can tell you - shes "vet woman"!!
Saaaaaandie!!! Oh Saaaaaaaandie?!?!?!? Or anyone else that might know????
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Sunshine didn't even get stitches, they "glued" it with some sort of adhesive like stuff. It just disolved in a couple of days so we didn't have to go back to have anything removed.
I was glad, cause Cymone has stitches, that I had to removed, and it was sort of icky.
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Ewww!! Daniela!! That IS icky!! I'd have done it though just the same.... hahaha... Monty had dissolvable stitches when he had an operation on his intestine, which I thought were a good idea, they just disappeared and didn't have to be taken out at all (Which was a blessing as Monty go's into "hyper screeaming mode" on the way to the vets.... hahaha)
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No kidding! I would have had to go back and have the vet remove them! I'd be afraid of cutting the kitty if she squirmed.
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Hey, San--die! We need you! I have a kitty with a metal zipper up her tummy!
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