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Worried about my babies

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I took my 3 baby girls in to be spayed today Normally I don't worry too much about stuff like this, but my trip to the Vet clinic started off on a pretty bad note.

When I got there the vet tech took the girls out of their carrier to weigh them. Gypsy was cooperative, but the tech literally tossed her into a top opening cage after she was weighed Then it was Kiri's turn. Now Kiri was a feral kitten and has been making very, very slow progress in her ability to trust humans. The tech roughly grabbed her out of the carrier and Kiri flipped out. She gashed the techs arms and shoulder and escaped into the back part of the office. It took us 10 minutes to find and capture her. She was terrified I spent some time talking quietly to her once she was in her holding cage, but she was so scared she was panting and her pupils were hugely dilated Since the tech was pissed off about being ripped up by Kiri, she was rough with Missy too, who scratched her up again due to the rough handling.

I miss my babies enough as it is without the extra worry of a tech who is going to be less than nice to them. I'm going to be a nervous wreck all day until they are home safe and sound with me. Thank goodness we are moving soon so I can find a new Vet office. It really sucks to live in a small town with no alternatives

Sorry to vent, but I'm so upset about this
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That's horrible. Is there any way you can request for that tech to not have anything to do with your kitties? Maybe you can say something to the vet? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that everything will be okay. What time do you get to pick them up?
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I am picking them up at 3:30. I'm not going to be taking them back to that clinic ever Thanks for the well wishes Sabra
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How horrible! I'd definitely say something to the vet ..... an assistant shouldn't be treating an animal that way; if they react that way, they shouldn't be working with animals.

Is there any chance you can pick them up any earlier?
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Complain to the vet! He should know the type of people he has working for him!
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Oh thats good. I've had to pick-up as late as 5:30 before! When I worked at a vet clinic there was a tech there that was exactly as the one that was handling your kitties. She was really a mean person and I really hated working when she was. She never hurt any of the animals, she just didn't go out of her way to be kind to them. She was always very rough with them. To me if you are not going to go out of your way to be kind to animals you have no business working at a vet clinic.
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Another problem- the Vet, while pretty good at his job, is an older guy and a bit jaded. I'm sure he wouldn't do much about it
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that sucks Mel. I have no doubt that you'll make it clear exactly how you feel when you go pick them up.
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Thats really Crappy Melissa - Im with the others though - make sure you complain!! I'd go ape if I saw a vet tech being rough with my baby!! And if she's going to treat like that - she's gotta expect a few scratches!! (from me too!! haha) Seriously though, Im sure you're baby girls will be fine, but it really does suck that you've had that extra worry.... Let us know how they're doing when you get them home!
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Yeah, little fiesty Kiri gave her a taste of Kitty Karma..the girl was bleeding everywhere..I felt like clapping I glared at the girl after Kiri was safe in her cage and then looked at her the big gash on her arm and said 'Aww gee, bet that hurts.' and didn't try to diguise my joy that she had gotten hers from my baby.

I'll let you all know how they are a little later
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Thats horrible Melissa! Seriously, you should say something, even if they pay no attention to it. I wonder if this is the way that they treat everyone's pets??? I say that he gets what he deserves for being so rough with your babies. Hmph!! Let us know if they are ok when you bring them home.
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Melissa - that is terrible! I agree with everyone else, you need to let your vet know what she did. Even if he is jaded, he did get into the business because of a love of animals. People like that tech shouldn't work with animals or humans.

Go Kiri! :karate:

I'm sure your girls will be fine, and they will definitely be in our thoughts today.
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Melissa, I am sorry it started off so roughly for them! I am sure they'll do fine, and they'll be home with you in no time! Let us know how they are doing.
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Well, I just called the Vet. The girls are all doing fine YAY!!!

Apparently, according to the tech I spoke to on the phone (the nice one out of the two) said the girls all scratched the hell outta the mean tech! You go girls!!! :tounge2: She said each one really tore into this woman- I can't wait to see her nicely bloodied arms Oooh, thats kinda evil- but she deserved it! she was mean to my babies!!

I'm going to pick them up in about an hour. I miss them SO much. Loco has been pining for them all day, wandering around the house looking for them and meowing

Thank you all for your concern :rainbow: I love you guys
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that is great news
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Yeah for the girls and I really would put in an official letter of complaint to the VET with strong , appropriate language.
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Kitties aren't known for their tact and manners when expressing their opinion of you!

Kitty Girl Power! :blossom: :girlie:
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I don't blame you one bit for being upset. Maybe the vet has had other complaints about the vet tech, and you will be taken seriously if you talk to him about this. She should be fired, there is no excuse for the way your cats were treated.
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That girl is in the wrong profession. Coincidentally, my Precious is getting spayed today because she had two litters born dead. She was such a good mommy too. She's Siamese. If someone treated her that way I'd pick her up, put her back in the kitty carrier, and report the attendant immediately. I'm older than most of you, and I try to handle things that happen to me in a diplomatic way, but not when someone is treating my children or my animals that way. I make as much of a fuss as I can so they will never forget. Then I report them. Pick on me if you must, but don't you dare pick on my babies. Write a letter to the veterinarian, and suggest that he train his assistants more adequately, and tell him you would like to know what steps he took to see that this never happens again. I'm mad, and she's not my cat!! I can only imagine how you feel!!! Follow up, please, and let us know what happens. Vets know that frightened cats scratch. That stupid *&%$*(@#!!!
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Melissa, I am glad they are fine and will be home soon!!! Great news to start the weekend!!
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If the vet won't do anything about this person, file a complaint with whatever governing body oversees vet clinics. I'm sur that your local humane association can steer you in the right direction. If anyone treated my pets badly, what the cat did would seem like a walk in the park!
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Melissa, If I were you I would first make a complaint to the vet who owns the practice, then I would make sure and tell this vet tech to her face that she ought to find another profession. Tell her exactly how you feel and make it known how unhappy you are about the way she treated your cats. If you have something like a better buisness bureau, I would report this vet clinic to them as well! Damn, that makes me mad when I hear stuff like that!!!
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Yay! The girls are home! They're all doing very well. Gypsy seems a little more 'behind' in her recovery time than the other two- she looks absolutely miserable shes sitting in the comfy 'kitty chair' hunched up in a ball. I'm sure shes in pain Why don't they give kitties a pain killer to take for a few days? They're breaking my heart

When I went back to get them the Tech seemed a whole new person. She was kind and gentle with the girls and polite to me :confused3:. I didn't say anything to her about it, I think she knew I was upset about it when I left the office this morning. I've known this girl for a while and have never seen her act the way she did this morning. Since I'll be moving soon I'm going to let sleeping dogs lie and just be happy that I'll be going to a new clinic soon. Maybe thats a bad choice, but to me it feels like the right one. I think she was having a bad morning and took it out on my kitties- not that I'm excusing her behavior in the least.

I'm just glad to have my babies home safe and sound. Thank goodness this only has to be done once. Thanks again for your support- it means a lot to me :rainbow:
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I'm glad they are home safe and sound. I am still angry about her "man handling" them!! You know, some clinics are using more pain management with animals recovering from surgery. Next time one of mine goes for a spay, I am going to ask about it before hand. Usually the first 24 and 48 hours are the worst for them. Just keep is quiet & warm and they will be okay
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Guess what? I called to see how Precious was and asked the exact amount I should send with my son tomorrow. (She keeps them overnight)
Well, it was almost double what I had agreed to when I made the appointment 2 1/2 wks. ago. She explained that she had told my daughter-in-law about all sorts of blood tests, and Kerry (daughter-in-law) said, mmhmm, uhhuh, etc. because she knew that I had discussed the matter thoroughly with the hospital by phone. (I am home bound.) The only question they asked was, "If pain meds are needed, do we have the authority to give them?" Of course she said yes to that. They had her sign, and proceeded to do $130 worth of unauthorized tests.
Well, I raised holy hell. I told them they'd get their money, but they would be losing a client who had been faithful for 25 years-not the same vet, but same business. I said Dr.S------, the original vet would be shocked and disgraced by this sort of trickery. I was shaking all over. I am receiving disability, so I was the wrong person on whom to pull this sort of trick. I called Kerry and verified that she had NOT been asked specifically about these new tests, and called back. The vet checked the original agreement, which came to the exact charge I had quoted, canceled the extra charges. Precious will be coming home tomorrow. Don't let anyone put anything over on you. The person responsible was severely reprimanded, and you can be sure she will not do that sort of thing again.
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Just read this thread. Melissa, I am glad your babies are safe and back home with you now, but sorry to hear about how they were treated, I would have been pissed off too!
Jeanie, I would be very upset too, if I were you at being charged for things you didn't agree to. What is the matter with these vets???? It makes me really appreciate mine!
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Jeanie, at least they corrected their error. I've been places that wouldn't do that much.

Melissa, just read this. Ooo, I'm steaming about that tech! My vet usually asks the client to take the pet out of the kennel so I haven't had to deal with anything like that. I don't think I would have been so quiet as you were! I think that when the first cat was tossed into the cage, I would have been saying "Hey! Be gentle with my pets!" And I'm darn sure that when she got scratched I would have told her she deserved it. I possibly would have prevented her from taking any of the others out and asked for someone else on the spot. I might even have showed up hours early and questioned the quality of their aftercare, given their roughness with healthy animals.

I'm afraid I'm not a very nice person these days, and I sure wouldn't keep my mouth shut and take it.
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I'm glad everything went ok! When we got Tigger spayed, they didn't give us any pain meds, either. And, for Gizmo & Scooter, they didn't either.

I think that just by going to another vet when you move is fine enough ...... They lost your business, which counts, too. Now that I think of it, I don't know what I would do either if I saw a vet tech do that to one of mine ....
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This whole story is awful! I am just thankful that the girls came home and are OK. I get the pain meds for my animanls, but the Vet sometimes looks at me like I'm crazy. I don't care! How would they like to have gone though major surgery with no meds afterwards!!! GRRRRRRRR!!!!! (that is me being mad)
Jeamnie - you go girl! Good for you in having those charges reversed!
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Melissa - Glad your girls are both home and doing good... Im sure they'll be back to normal soon enough

Jeanie - Thats awful!!! But good for you on causing a stink and getting your money back!!! YEY!!! How is Precious doing??
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