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I think that both of the cats have fleas. They have black stuff around their necks. Not too much in the ears, but I think it's flea dirt that I'm seeing. After Pippi lays down on her blanket, there will be black stuff where she was. On Prissi, it is much easier to see since she is all white. How do I get rid of the fleas?
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I recommend using Advantage, and treating your home with a non-toxic product such as fleabusters. I'm sure others will chime in with advice as well!
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I recommend a vet visit or call to the vet to get the proper treatment and dosage for your cats' weights. Over-the-counter medications don't work and some can be very harmful to your cats.
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I would recommend using either Advantage or Revolution to get rid of them. You can sprinkle Borax (found on the laundry detergent aisle) on your floors/carpets/furniture and brush in with a broom. Leave it for as long as possible, then vacuum it up. We do this about every 3 months and it zaps those fleas. I've known some people to put Borax on their cats, then brush/comb it out, but I don't feel safe doing that at all.

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