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the no diet diet

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Yay! This is more like it!
no diet diet
I always want to eat chocolate and pastries, washed down by rum & coke. Seems I will be doing so guilt free in future. :
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my kinda diet
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Oh man...the vegetarianism is just wasting away with this diet...I am dreaming of some sushi-quality Ahi tuna steaks...right now!

And some chocolate cake for after dinner!

My kinda diet!
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I suggest a TCS support group for this diet
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The big thing with this method is that you have to quit eating when you're full, and eat only when you really are hungry. That's something that, let's face it, most of us (myself included) aren't very good at. This is especially true when you think about the fact that so many of us snack at work and before bed, eat for "comfort", have HUGE servings given to us at restaurants, have been conditioned to clean our plates, feel pressure from others to eat what and when they're eating, etc., so on so forth. Sometimes it's easier just to be on a diet that gives you specific guidelines to stick to. hehe

Also, the article mentioned "exercise helped." Remember that you can loose some weight and be somewhat healthy without exercise, but you can loose even more and be even healthier in the long term with it.

Just as an aside....
Lately I've tried to eat just when I'm hungry and quit when I'm full, and to get about an hour of walking in a day (lunch and breaks at work). I've been doing this since I started my new job 2 weeks ago and have dropped a couple of pounds. So it works!!
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mmmm just reading that made me hungry.
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Speaking as the "YO YO" that I am.....I don`t think it would work for me....guess I just don`t know enough to quit once I start on the sweet stuff....I`m either ON a diet and doing well...or I`m OFF and doing whatever I darn well please. It is the story of my life.
I have a sister (who is also fat) who went to work for the local dime store when she was a teen. They had one of those candy bars (I don`t mean a candy bar like what comes with a wrapper either...I mean a BAR that sells candy by the #!) What they did was to tell the new employees to help themselves to all the wanted , as long as they did`nt did`nt take any with them when they left. They said they figured people would eat a lot at first and then just get sick of it and leave it alone.....took them several weeks to realize that my sis was one of the exceptions to the rule. (But they kept her anyway, cause she was such a good employee and friendly with the customers.....who would`nt be friendly with a sugar HIGH like that running through your blood all day????)
I know I`m nicer when I`m "on Chocolate"
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