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My Favorite Things

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I'm in an unusually happy mood today, so I thought I'd start a thread about your favorite "simple' things". Sappy, I know.

My list:
Hot chocolate
Snow flurries
Kitty purrs
Christmas decorations
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That's a great list!

I could add another one to that....having a day off work!
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Christmas overall ( I absolutely love the season)
CHOCOLATE!! (any shape, kind, brand!)
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Hmm, all things to keep you warm on a winter's day.
My list includes cuddles from the boys, and a nice pair of soft, fluffy socks.
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Snuggling with my precious baby girls
Wrapping up in a soft, cuddly blanket
Communication with a dear, trusted friend
Sitting out on the beach listening to the ocean
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I would like to add:

Sleeping in
Talking with Kitters
Watching TV snuggled in bed with BF
Watching Kitters enjoying a new toy!
Watching BF play "chase" with Kitters
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my fiance
cuddles with kallie
a warm fuzzy blanket with a good book
my computer
my family
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a good cup of coffee
snoozing on the couch with the cats
scratch off tickets
vintage jewelry
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the smell of cold, fresh air
having a day without obligations or responsibilities to tend to
blankets/clothes/towels right out of the dryer
fluffy shoes
the feeling of finishing cleaning and enjoying a freshly cleaned room
the feeling of getting out of the shower all soft, smelling good, and clean
christmas lights
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Kitty purrs
Hot baths
Walkng around my neighborhood listening to music
Playing in an orchestra
Getting off work unexpectdly early
A Clean House
Long conversations with good friends
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Christmas It always makes me happy!! I decorated super yearly this year to help bring my spirits up from the bad year I had!
My babies & Tim
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My Life in general, (My present, my past and hopefully my future)
My kitties for sure
My hubby of course ( Great Guy)
My Grandkids ( Great kids most of the time )
My Daughters (when they aren't whining about my grandkids )
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laughs, books, watching kittens act goofy and attempt to schale the christmas tree, my husbands bad jokes, diet coke first thing in the morning (insane I know), watching COPS, sushi, shopping with my crazy friend, having my cat rocky follow me around every morning acting pathetic.
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All my furbabies
Thunderstorms (if I'm not out in one)
Snuggling by a warm crackling fire with the one you love, watching the snow fall
The sound of loons
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
All my furbabies
Thunderstorms (if I'm not out in one)
Snuggling by a warm crackling fire with the one you love, watching the snow fall
The sound of loons
Oh yeah, I love loons!!!
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Ah, what a wonderful thread! Thank you for starting it!

My favorite things...

...Reading in bed, with Clyde and Pearl snuggled beside.

...Singing harmony, especially with my brother.

...Baking bread, and having a slice right out of the oven, with butter and hot tea.

...Big big BIG storms of all kinds, as long as nobody gets hurt.

...Helping out at the shelter, where I hope I give some reassurance to scared critters.

...The spontaneous bear hugs my little nephew sometimes gives me for no reason at all. :-)
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What a great thread. My favorite things are:
1. A good cup of coffee
2. My kittys
3. My oversize flannel pink pj's
4. My best friend, Lonne, and our trips to the thrift stores.
5. My gas fireplace early in the morning before anyone else gets out of bed.
6. Living in my new house because it is on my grandfather's land in the same
place as the old farmhouse where I grew up.
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my husband
my wonderful family
my kitty
snowy days indoors under the covers
asian films and animations
stuffed animals
flannel sheets
kitty slippers
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What a great thread!! It's the simple things that make life so great.
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My simple things... let's see

cuddling with my boyfriend and the cats in bed or on the couch

spending an afternoon on the couch with good tea (Earl Grey with cream and some sugar...!*purr drool*) and movies or series...say, Knight Rider (I'm a die-hard fan!!!!!! ), CSI (same) or old b/w movies

baking cookies with my sweetie

sitting on the balcony just watching the neighbours or reading

an old-fashioned hot bath with candles next to me, rose scent and lots of time to relax!

watching the snowflakes fall (we have little snow over here and everytime it starts again, it's a great view)

dancing around the living room with groovy music playing
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My girlfriend
Texas Holdem
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