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Tom W.'s Tuffy & Co.

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Oh wow! Tuffy looks so good!
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Hi, Tuffy was still very sick when this pic was taken, but looks alot better than the first time I saw him. I need to take a current pic of him.
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What lovely kitties!!
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I wanna see more pics of Tuffy! All your kitties look like such cute little sweeties.
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Tuffy is a doll
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Tom...all of your sweet kitties are just adorable. :
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I think Rusty is the nicest looking cat we have, My opinion anyways. Our Panther is a big kitty at 18 lbs but Rusty has bigger feet and a huge long tail so if Rusty grows into his tail and feet he will be huge to. Not that he isn't big already. Rust and Panther have the same mom.

Rusty was supost to be my kitty. I raised him from a tiny kitten when the mom cat stopped taking care of them about this time last year.

There were 3 boys and a girl kitten, 2 of the little boys died, I still blame myself for the first one that died because at the time I never worked with such small kittens. The girl that owned the mom cat was feeding them cows milk so basicly the little guy starved and was to cold. So the next day when the other little boy started acting the same way I rushed him to the vet and got a fast lesson on tiny kittens. This one was supost to be mine but about a month and a half later he collapsed on the floor and had alot of old smelly blood coming from his mouth, we rushed him to a emergency hospital in the middle of the night but nothing could be done for him and he had to be "put to sleep" as they say.

The kittens owner felt so bad she let me keep Rusty but after saving him one night also and all I went through raising him he don't like me very much, he hardly lets me pet him or pick him up, so that hurt my feelings for a while.

Then along came Tuffy which I have talked about alot on this site already, he is my buddy like I wished Rusty would have been.

Angel, the gray girl kitty is my buddy also, she almost always sleeps next to my legs in bed, and sometimes she will crawl under the blankets with me and sleep next to me. Problem is she don't like Tuffy, He trys to be nice to her but she just won't let him be near her. She has always been aggresive though. Sometimes I think she is jealous of Tuffy because of all the time I spend with him and when I pick up Angel and carry her around at pet her Tuffy has a fit.

Panther is just a big old teddy bear, he watches over all the other cats and helps groom them, he even licks the fur of our 75 lb dog!! When I first brought Tuffy in the house from the garage where he was for the first couple weeks when I got him home so he wouldn't get all the others sick panther was the one who had the biggest fit, but now Tuffy and Panther are best buddys, and Panther seems to know that Tuffy was real sick and would try his best to help Tuffy to keep himself clean and would curl up with Tuffy and sleep to help keep him warm.
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Just lovely!!
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Tuffy & Co. Cute title for cute cats!
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