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I know this is a site about cats, but I've seen a few post about dogs, well here's one for my ginger.

Her name was Ginger, named for the fact as a puppy her fur was ginger in coloring, though my mom didn't know your fur would turn snow-white. You were part cockerspanial and part poodle, the poodle sure showed through with your beautiful curlly fur. You were small, but so full of life. You were in my life until you were 13 1/2 years old. I am sorry I didn't care too much for you, but you were special to me even if I never showed that to you. It hurt me so much to loose you and now even remembering you it brings tears to my eyes. May you be happy over the rainbow bridge with Punky and Ginger the bailey cat, I look forward to seeing you three when its my time to join you over the rainbow bridge.

Ginger as a puppy:

Me and Ginger:

Older Ginger:

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Awww bless her little heart, she's a little stunner isn't she

RIP Ginger sweetie, you were loved so much
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