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Toy Run

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I watch this every year. It is really cool. There are so many bikers participating that it takes them 1 1/2 hours to go by!
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It goes right by my house! We watch it every year. It's funny to see the teddy bears strapped to the front and back of the motorcycles and the bikers dressed as Santa and Mrs. Claus! It's loud....VERY.....LOUD.... but its very cool... Thousands of bikers ride in it every year and it's for a good cause!
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My mom and dad are in that thing...They LOVE IT! they said they feel so cool. lol, which they arent. lol.

But every year they have 40-50 people meet at thier house and then they go off on thier little toy run, and meet more bike groups on the way. It's pretty awesome
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