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What fruit are you?

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Okay, my turn to post a silly quiz!

It's called "What fruit are you? "

I'm a strawberry which says: You are caring and romantic. You are loyal to your friends. Your friends can trust you. You are well loved.
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Im a Banana!! Which says: You're funny and never let anything get in the way of a good joke. You make your friends laugh, your natural enemy is a lemon!!! - So watch it all you lemons out there!!! Hahahaha
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Hey Bod - fellow banana here. Lets gang up on those nasty evil sour lemons. Let's make some lemonade!
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I'm a Banana too!! Any lemons out there
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Cool!! Im up for lemonade!!! You in too Melissa?!?!? C'mon!! Lets get squelching!! hahahaha Leeeeemons..... Oh Leeeeeemons.... come out come out whereever you are..........
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I'm a Pear. Glad I'm not a sour lemon! TeHe
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OMG!! My hubby is a LEMON!!! What does that mean :laughing:
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I'm a strawberry.
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I'm a Strawberry!
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That means we gotta "SQUISH" him Melissa!!!! CHAAAAAAARGEEEE!!!!!
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Let's make shortcake! I'm a strawberry as well
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ACK!!! Run, hubby! The bananas are coming!!!
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Bod, Melissa - we've got all of those lemons running scared. Melissa - have you ever seen the commercials for Mike's Hard Lemonade? This reminds me of them, the poor abused little lemons. LOL

(ps Melissa - it is ok if the hubby is a lemon - he is your main squeeze isn't he?)
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He's a pretty squeezable guy

I don't think I've seen that ad
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These quizzes crack me up! This one says that I'm a Banana. Great call: I HATE yellow and I'm allergic to bananas.:tounge2:
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It is pretty funny. The police are investigating to see who squeezed the poor lemon. They treat the lemons like they are human!
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I'm a bananna, too!
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I'm a strawberry. Sure am glad I'm not a lemon...
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I am a strawberry because I am caring and romantic, loyal to my friends, Can be trusted and well-loved.
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I'm a banana!!!!!!!!
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MMMMMM....strawberry. And my boyfriend is a bananna...good combination.
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What a riot! I am a banana, too, although I am allergic to them too.

Bananas of the world unite! Lemons fear us!
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I am sooo glad I'm not a lemon! I'm a pear!
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I am a pear..
Ironically you are a bit of a loner. You find it hard to work with other people. AMEN! this my friends is the gods honest truth! LOL! I'm glad someone knew me for what I am...LOL!:tounge2:
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Big old Banana here......guess I better p-e-e-l outta here to another thread..............
Gotta watch out for us slippery bananas ya know!!!!
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A strawberry here.
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