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Had to Lock up the Kids today

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I had a notice on my door last friday that the building would be painting the front door to all apartments on my floor. They said that all animals should be secured for the day without access to the door.
I have been trying to figure out why I need to lock the cats in the bedroom of my one bedroom so they can paint the outside of the front door. Needless to say the Kitties were no happy with me this morning, I'm going home at lunch to let them out for a while, hopefully the will be done painting by then.
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aaw thats not fair Im sure they'll be ok though, they had each other to play with
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At least if they are in the bedroom it might be far enough away from the door that they avoid having to smell the paint. I know it's the outside of the door but the smell could still travel inside. Also, they might need to open the door to paint it well. When my door closes it prevents you from reaching the edges.

At least you know they are safe while the painting is going on
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I know... but I feel horrible locking them up in one room, They will probably sleep but I feel like a terrible mommie, I'll have to play extra with them tonight. They may even guilt trip me enough for a new toy
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I know. I had to lock Dori up in my room a few times when I ived in my apartment. I actually brought her to work with me once the first time they were doing work. But she got so stressed out being in a new place that I left her in my room the next time. I felt so guilty but she was just fine. She was sleeping in my bed when I got home.
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Oooh I think you might be right I think a new toy will be just what they'll need to forgive you hehe
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When you paint a door you have to open it to paint the edges. At least if it's done right .
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I wish my apartment building was that courteous. About two weekends ago, we awoke like usual and went into the living room to discover a horrible chemical smell. They had sprayed pesticides in the hallway and the smell had filled our apartment building!

We immediately opened as many windows as we could. The smell was bad enough for me! I cannot imagine how horrible it is for animals! When I go to pay rent this month, I will be leaving a note with them. They always give us warnings for turning the water off, but then they go spraying through the hallways at 8 in the morning without a note on the front door! I know there are several kitties that live down the hall who are left alone all day without someone to open the window !
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I had to put Scooter and Pepper in the workshop twice last week. They were so mad at me, but we had people in and out, fixing the heater and the installing a new water heater. They got over it pretty quickly.
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