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NC domestic situation - ferals & friendly cats need new home

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I posted a few months ago about a friend who is in a domestic situation however, we have yet to get any of her cats placed. We now have less than 2 weeks now to get as many as possible of her ferals and friendly cats placed before she has to abandon them. Pretty urgent situation:

She is in a domestic situation. Her lawyer has advised her to get out of the home; however, she has rescued over the past 10 years and now has around 40 ferals, 9 indoor friendly cats, and 3 or 4 outdoor friendly cats.

She has been able to get an apartment so that when the kitties are safe, she can leave. She will only be able to take 1 or 2 kitties with her b/c of apartment policy. The rest will be left behind.

Once her attorney starts legal proceeding, he has advised her not to return to the home as it is not physically safe for her to do so. SO, we have to place however many we can by then. These cats depend 100% on her.

Although she has regularly donated to the local rescues, they have not been able to make space for any of her cats. I know that she would try her best to repay the favor once she is out of the situation. I know where her heart lies. She is more concerned with them than herself.

I know there are people out there who can and will help. If anyone could take even ONE cat, it would help.

She would like to find a feral cat sanctuary for the ferals and homes or at least a rescue willing to take a couple (every one cat placed helps!) of the friendly ones. Most of the ferals have been spayed/neutered and shots. Someone with a safe area and a barn for the ferals would be perfect. Someone with no dogs outside, that would see that they had food.

The indoor cats are all around 10 years old and are up to date on shots. She has taken VERY good care of many kitties that have been abandoned, dropped off and neglected. PLEASE help me to help her so that she is free to leave!! I am very concerned that at some point I am going to have to say it's too late.
my email is forNCanimals@yahoo.com
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I've sent your post to a coworker who rescues ferals in NC. No guarantees since she might be at capacity but we'll see.
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Thanks so much! Anything at this point is appreciated!
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where in NC are these cats
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They are in NC - near Smithfield
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