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Susan Smith

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Probably in light of what Andrea Yates did, TLC ressurected a special they did about Susan Smith. As I watch this and they interviewed David Smith years later, he had tears in his eyes when he talks about his two boys. I was struck with the difference that he presented compared to Russell Yates. Susan murdered her children and then for 9 days presented this charade of the story of a carjacking. She went on talk shows and tearfully pleaded for the release of her boys, knowing all the time she was the monster who took their lives. She tried to claim she was guilty by reason of insanity, but they threw that out. Then she said it was a suicide gone bad, but the prosecution showed that she had gotten out of the car while it was on the boat ramp and released the parking brake and fled while her boys pleaded with her to come and get them. So who is the bigger monster here, Susan or Andrea, or are they just monsters of a different color?
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Anyone who can harm their own children, are evil. Plain and simple. I think both of these women are sick demented people who deserve to go straight to hell.
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I think they are both monsters. You know, it's very weird the way Russell Yates acts. I guess maybe it just hasn't hit him yet on what has happened, but he seems so calm and collected! I don't understand how he can stand up for his wife & say the medical community was to blame ..... I guess we will never know.
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I'm with the majority here- they are both monsters. There must be few things worse to a child than being betrayed by his/her own mother. Claiming insanity is kind of a moot point for both of them- sane people don't kill their kids. However, the fact that they knew the difference between right and wrong makes them as guilty as any criminal out there.
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I agree with the majority that they are both disgusting monsters. But I also think Susan Smith is the worst one because of the way she tried to seem innocent at first.
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I agree with Lorie! I don't see how she remained so calm! I don't see how she could've stood there and watched the car roll down into the lake with her own children!
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I think what both women did to their children is disgusting! It makes me mad to know that Susan stood there and acted innocent like she knew nothing about it.
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They are both horrible monsters. WHile Susan smith was calm, blamed someone else, etc. she did not physically hold her children down and watch the breath come out of them. They are just monsters of a different color, and Russell Yates is one in the same for standing by that horrible woman. He shall go the rest of his life with out ever seeing his babies again. ANd because he thought everything was all hunky dory with his home life. They are both sick, they both killed their children, one watched, one lft them and blamed it on someone else.
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I have to go with the majority here, too. (Do we all think alike, or what?)

Both of them are monsters, plain and simple. But Susan Smith actually tried to get sympathy when she knew what she had done. At least Andrea Yates had the sense to just call the cops when she was done and not drag it out. She may have pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, but she at least admitted what she did. (That plea may have been more of her husband and lawyers talking than her, too.) There is also the whole issue of religious brainwashing with AY, as well as an a**hole of a husband who wouldn't help or get her help for her mental state (but yet still blames them).

In my mind, Susan Smith is much worse.
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They can sit next to each other and roast marshmellows in hell. I'm sure there is a special place for them and others who commit the same autrosities.
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Very well said, Colby!!! I agree! And Hissy, I too watched the same show about Susan Smith last night. It was so very sad.
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