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Help! Need some garden advice!

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Ok, so yesterday Max and I were saying, `Look at the garden - it would be just our luck if our landlord phoned and said he was in town and wanted to come look at the place'.

Today our landlord phoned and said he would be in town Monday, and wants to come and have a look at the place!!


There is nothing wrong with the house, but the doggies have destroyed quite a few plants and some lawn out the back and we haven't been able to replace them yet. We are most definitely not bad tenants, just we haven't got around to it and also it can be pretty pricey...

Anyone got some quick fix ideas for getting pretty, cheap plants to replace the ones lost, and other ideas for making the gardens look pretty and neat again?

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Landlords have a tendency to do that sort of thing, don't they?!!

For the patches of grass, you could place pots on them - as long as there aren't too many as it would look a bit silly!

Euonymous (excuse my spellings) are evergreen and pretty cheap, they would be good to fill patches of empty garden, as would Phitosporum!

Maybe you could take photos of your garden to show us and it might give us more ideas to help you out!
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Oooh good idea - will do! Thanks Sar, I'll post some pics later on.

Max is having a nervous breakdown but I actually don't think it's that bad. However, it's bad enough I guess that we will get into trouble for it if we don't fix up a few spots.
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Yay! I look forward to seeing the pics and helping out!

I'm sure it'll be pretty easy to disguise any problems - I'm the master of disguise! I'm sure your LL will be pretty understanding (so you don't need perfection!) as he has allowed you to live in the property with your dogs!
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I agree with some pots as long as it doesn't look too strange. I have no idea what plants are available in your area to recommend something. If they are coming, do you have any neighbors that will let you borrower some of their outside pots for the day?
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my first thought was to ask Sarah (Sar) as she's pretty creative and green fingered!

check out the bit of her garden you can see on her charlie house thread!
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Originally Posted by captiva
If they are coming, do you have any neighbors that will let you borrower some of their outside pots for the day?
Only a woman could come up with a brilliant thought like that!

Good one Chris
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Can you buy any holiday plants-like here we have pointsetta's, holly and ivy??? Set the pots out???? How about any house plants you can set outside???? I would buy some grass seed and fertilizer and have that sitting around with rakes and some soil so that it looks like you are planning on fixing the lawn?????
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Well, we are getting some roll-on turf for the two bad spots, and then we are going to top dress the lawn, so you won't be able to notice anything bad on the lawn at all....and this is something we were going to do anyway so that's kind of already been planned.

We just need some shrubby kind of plants that are also flowering - and those hostas look lovely, actually. We're also looking at agapanthas (even though I don't like those much) and some clump daisies.

But I'll take those pics to show you all!
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Funny you asked. I read the post and was like, "it's too cold for planting!" But then I remembered maybe not all of you are in this freezing cold state! I don't know where Perth is so I can't tell you what plants to use!
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Perth's in Western Australia - it's the beginning of summer here. Although you'd never know it, it's been raining every day!! Lol....
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Ok, I'll be tacky...Crikey! I don't know what to tell you to plant there! That's WAY different from Wisconsin! Sorry, I probably didn't spell it right but I couldn't resist, mate... I've always wanted to go to Australia!
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You know - we do say `Crikey' here, but it's only when we want to be funny. It's not something anyone I know would say in seriousness

I do say `Jeepers' a lot,
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