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What are you afraid of?

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I found this list of phobias.... I can't believe there is so many!! Most of them I've never even heard of but put me down as being arachnophobic!!

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Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!! I think I have cheimatophobia and chionophobia. And I'm not going to say what these are either!!!!!
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Oh my! There are some really obscure phobias out there! I would have thought things such as fear of constipation, or fear of knowledge would be so uncommon as to not have actual names! Now I know different!

And thanks for posting that Useless Knowledge site, I bookmarked it! I love stuff like that.
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OMG that is too funny I love that they have a term for fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. I am the oposite of a bibliophobic. I also am a cheimatophobic and chionophobic! I am a big time claustrophobic (not joking there!). How many different names are there for fear of cats? This one is just too funny " hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: long words". The word itself is too long for them - they will fear the fear!
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Any ailurophobes, out there?:laughing:
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Well I'm an achluophobia (afraid of the dark) - couldn't ever get over this childhood fear.

Apiphobia (afraid of bees) - I actually had a dream I was running from some last night.

Agoraphobia - I'm not as bad as the description says but if I'm closed/locked into a big group of people and I can't move or get out I get really freaked out. This happened to me once at a club, I actually had to go outside. Evidentally I decided to go to this club on the most busy night of the year! I didn't make that mistake twice!

Coulrophobia (afraid of clowns) - I'm not really afraid but they give me the creeps. When my mom took to me McDonalds to see Ronald McDonald when I was little I was scared and wouldn't go up to him.

I looked but I couldn't find anything that had to do with fear of roaches - this is my worst fear!
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Lorie, and you live in Minnesota?!?
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My big fears are bees and cockroaches....gives me the heebie jeebies...aaaaaaaaaaak!!!!! I also don't like heights.
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Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!! I see you figured my phobias out!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!! But I'm far from the only one who lives in Minnesota and has those phobias, there are a lot of us!!!!

And then there are a lot of others who are just the opposite!!
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Definitely carnophobia!!!!

(Don't cows and pigs look like little cows to you???)
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here's my list:
acrophobia:or altophobia:heights
aeruophobia: flying
aichmophobia: needles or pointed objects
ataxophobia: disorder or untidiness
chiraptophobia: or haphephobia: being touched
austrophobia: enclosed spaces
cleisiophobia: being locked in
insectophobia: insects
ligyrophobia: loud noises
misophobia:or mysophobia: being contaminated with dirt or germs
obesophobia: or pocrescophobia: gaining weight

wow! am I a sick pup or what? I never realized how many things I couldn't handle...I mean I knew there were some but looking at this list, I may need to seek some sort of therapy
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These are my big two:

maieusiophobia - fear of childbirth (I'm adopting...)
ornithophobia - fear of birds (I was attacked by a pelican when I was a child...)

I also get a bit antsy when one of my cats' ears is turned inside out, but I didn't see that one on the list

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